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#7: funny girl

#7 close up
#7 book face
#7 book

cardigan: forever21
shirt: ann taylor loft
belt: gap
skinnies: banana republic
flats: nordstrom's

I have a strong affinity towards old, abandoned books (hence this burgeoning bookcases). We seriously had those book cases filed the day we got them with old books that I had been collecting for a couple of years. This book in particular is probably one of my favorite finds -- "Executive's Treasury of Humor for Every Occasion." How funny is that? Plus it matched my outfit. I just couldn't resist inviting him into the photo shoot.

Anyways, today the mr. and I braved the crowds and went christmas shopping. I thought that I was finished two weeks ago -- but it turned out that I had forgotten half of the mr.'s family. So comfort was key today. I wanted to wear my boots, but stomping around for hours in those things is not as fun as I want it to be so flats were the answer. I added a little red belt to make an otherwise boring outfit pop a bit. Eh,not my favorite outfit but pretty good for a lazy Saturday I'd say.


#6 '
#6 full
#6 detail

shirt & scarf: gap
skirt: j. crew
tights: unknown
shoes: steve madden

I got a lot of weird looks on this outfit today. In my small town that usually means I've hit the mark -- that I'm up to speed with the rest of America. If I get an approving nod, that usually means I look like stepped straight out of 1992. Seriously, I could step out in head to toe camo with white tennis shoes and no one would look at me. But I wear a yellow pencil skirt and I get the stink eye.

Oh well, I don't look good in camo so I'll take the weird looks any day of the week.


# 5 full
#5 close up
#5 side

dress: urban outfitters
cardigan: urban outfitters
tights & shoes: target
belt: gap

I bought this dress a few years ago after I graduated college knowing full and well that it was much to short to wear as a dress. (Cue sneaky smile). This happens when you are tall - dresses turn to shirts, long sleeves turn to 3/4 sleeves and so on. But that is why I love tights -- they are not quite pants, but you are not quite naked.

# 4


#4 close up

cardigan: gap
tank: old navy
skirt: gap
socks: target
boots: steve madden

Let's get one thing straight here: I do not like Mondays. But I do like pencil skirts and color blocked cardigans and that's enough for me to get out of bed. That and a paycheck.

I got this cardigan a few weeks ago and now they have a full sweater in this same color scheme. Is that wrong to buy basically the same thing twice?

Yeah, my husband said so too.

# 3

# 3

# 3: close up

# 3: boots

dress: old navy
tights: unknown
boots: steve madden
belt: anthropologie

This weekend was basically one long road trip so I wanted to be comfortable. What could possibly be more comfortable than a button down, tights and worn-in boots? The absolute perfect trip outfit by my standards.

Well, besides pajamas of course.


outfit 2

outfit 2 closeup

outfit 2 closeup

Outfit 2:

Jacket & Tank: Old Navy
Scarf: Gap
Pants: Banana Republic
Heels: Target

This week the weather can not make up its mind. It's freezing one day, hot the next. It's enough to drive a girl mad. I finally settled on some wide-leg jeans, an old military style jacket and my new favorite scarf (I have to tell myself no every morning because I constantly want to wear it). In the end, everything worked out okay.


outfit 1

outfit 1 closeup

Sweater: Anthropologie
Dress: Gap
TIghts: Gap
Socks: Target
Boots: Steven Madden
Hat: Fossil

Okay. I'm doing it. For about a year now, I've followed a handful of brave and stylish girls through their fashion blogs. I've been inspired by these blogs daily and I've been wanting to start one for a while. So with the snap of a camera, I started a style blog. Wish me luck :)