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One of Those Days

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I need you guys to level with me. Please tell me I'm not the only person who wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding? If I was, I'm going to be really hurt.

Seriously though, level with me. You have those days when you just don't want to a) wake up b) get dressed c) talk to anyone d) get dressed, right? Yeah. Me too. But today I forced myself to. And I thought that I'd share my winning process here with you guys.

1. Woke up feeling like P. Diddy. Brushed teeth with regular toothpaste, not bottle of Jack though. Asked Bryan 20x if it's Saturday. Refused to believe him the first 19 times, then got out of bed.
2. Assessed the damage of my hair from sleeping, then realized a shower is the only route.
3. Rummaged through the pile of unhung clothes that have crawled up and died in the bottom of my closet.
4. Remembered that I like skinny jeans, so I dug them out of said pile.
5. Added a shirt and a scarf, for good measure. Also, my neck might get cold in this 80 degree weather. Added necklace, took it off. Added bracelet, took it off. Put it back on. Repeat.
6. Stared at husband until he realized he needs to compliment my outfit.
7. Compliment received, process complete.

Now all of my secrets are out. All of them, even the one where I sucked my thumb till I was 12.

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Half and Half


I try to keep things pretty honest around here (and by 'pretty honest', I mean half truth and half lies). So I've got to be transparent with you all. This is not a skirt; no, these are culottes. (Or 'knee-breeches' according to Wikipedia.) Yes -- the shorts that wish they were a skirt. Half skirt, half shorts. Culottes: the pride of the 80's. Not a girl, not yet a woman. (Wait...that's an old Britney Spears song, how did that end up here?)

I wore these babies out on our date night last night and I don't know if the town was ready for this jelly. Just kidding, no one pays attention to me. I'm going to need something a lot more flashy than swingy shorts and red heels. I'm going to need a perm-mullet and some camo. Then I'll turn some heads.

Olive Juice

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That's right. My post title is code for "I love you." Or "I love shoes." Whatever your preference. 

I highly recommend this dress if you have $24, a smidgen of good taste and some common sense. Target is getting good with their Anthropologie knock-offs. I swear I tried on a similar dress at Anthropologie a few months back and then walked away from it as it was over my budget. Next thing you know I'm trying on this dress at Target and saving $400. Okay the Anthropologie dress wasn't really $400, but it makes my story so much better. So pretend with me, okay? 

Coral Crush

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I'll be the first to admit that I'm way too dressed up for a Monday. I'll also be the first to admit that I'm way too dressed up always. Monday or not, I'm donning the fake pearls and cheap heels. That's just how I roll. 

I need to get my hair cut, as it has just stopped responding to my efforts. I curl it, it goes straight. I compliment it, it ignores me. (And you thought those loose waves were real. I've fooled you guys for so long.) But I don't want to pay for a hair cut just yet, so I've stopped fighting it and I'm letting it go straight. 

Wow -- did I really just type  a 66-word paragraph about my hair? Yes, yes I did. This might be a new low for me.  

(Also, if you can't tell I've got a slight obsession with coral this spring.) 

My Best Friend's Wedding

Sorry for the silence over the weekend, my best friend was getting married. I wore the title matron of honor proudly, although the term matron makes me feel immediately frumpy. Honorably frumpy though. 

I lost my phone over the weekend so these were the only shots I caught. Luckily my husband was there to catch her big day and then luckily he found my phone. I promise to be back later today with an outfit. 

(PS -- Isn't she a doll? She was the prettiest bride I've ever seen.)

White Picket Fence

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This little house is perfect. With it's white picket fence and hundred year old tress that the sun shines perfectly through, it's a perfect little place for us.

Except we don't live here. This is what my childhood dream imagined my life to be like at the age of 25. But this is actually Lyndon B. Johnson's boyhood home that I posed in front of with people watching because we're lame. My house actually looks like the opposite of this -- our sink is full of dishes and we don't have a white picket fence. In fact, we don't even have a sidewalk. 

It should be noted that I don't have a boyhood home, which ironically enough is on my bucket list. Not sure how I'm going to get that one to happen. My childhood dream just called -- she's disappointed about the white picket fence. 

PS -- is it okay to wear stripes on stripes? Because I just did. 

Checks Please


Had you told me 5 years ago, that salmon colored capri pants would become one of my closet staples, I would have scoffed at you in my vintage, ironic t-shirt and skinny jeans while sipping on my grande carmel macchiato with soy milk. But you know what? It's true and I don't care who knows it.  I like these little pants, they make me feel like a kindergartener and a responsible 26 year old all at the same time. (Capri pants = responsible. You didn't know that?)

If you are thinking, "hey this outfit looks a lot like this outfit..." well you're right. Sometimes you just can't fight the inspiration. Except I tossed on my trusty gingham-checked shirt instead of my awesome blue thrifted silk top like Jentine did. Mainly because I don't have an awesome blue silk top. I'm going to go cry into my too tight skirt now...

(Not so) Plain and Simple

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It's been a long day. My eyes are going fuzzy as I write this, so if I happen to misspell a few words, fourgiv me.

Today I realized something: I have no idea what to do with a pretty dress. Give me an old, tossed aside skirt from the 80's and 15 minutes, I'll give you an outfit. Give me a pretty dress that doesn't even need a belt and I'm dumbfounded.  As a blogger I lean more on over-styling outfits than under-styling. Most of the time this works, but today it just didn't. I had cardigans, jackets, scarves, jewelry all over the place -- trying to find the perfect way to wear this dress. (Cookies were also involved, but not as a part of the outfit.) Then it hit me -- stop fighting the pretty dress, Kendi. Wear some heels, pearls and get on with your day.

Once I stopped talking to myself in third person, I realized I was right. I always give myself the best advice.

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False Alarm

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I could have named this post so many things. 

"What to wear to a job interview at a 1980's night club"
"Did people in the 80's not have a waist?"
"This is not a top, it's a dress."

Okay that last one is a little boring, but sometimes the truth is boring. What about -- This top is...actually a dress!!! See that's better. I can just feel your excitement. I bet you are clapping at your computer screen right now, I know I am. 

Sometimes when I buy things from a thrift store, I wonder where else the item was worn and who would give up such a gem. I also wonder why people in the past had such tiny waists. I wore this outfit yesterday and by dinner I had to unzip my skirt because I thought I was having an appendicitis. Turns out, I wasn't. My skirt was just too tight. Will that stop me from buying tiny blue skirts and wearing them pushed up to my rib cage so? Yeah right. You're going to have to do a lot more than fake an emergency, internal organs. 

Over the Weekend

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Whatever side the wrong side of the bed is, I think that I woke up on it. Today I am a grump and this is more than just the normal Monday moodiness, people. This is wrong-side-of-the-bed-and-will-last-until-I go-back-to-sleep grumpiness. In other words, stay away or give me chocolate. Maybe both. 

But lo and behold I have a little bit of sunshine in my pocket today. We took these photos over the weekend when we went out on a date. Honestly, if I could live in this outfit I would. I plan on filling my summer days with boyfriend jeans and colorful tops AKA the world's easiest outfit next to a maxi dress and/or a muu-muu. Speaking of muu-muu's, this is one faded trend that I personally hope makes a comeback. For no other reasons other than the fact that I like the word. 

Travel Bug

Hey-o! A few weekends ago the husband and I toted around the beloved city of Austin to give a tourists' guide to the city. And by tourist I really mean two people who really want to live there.  Check it out on Modcloth's blog, if you'd like of course. There will be no required reading this weekend, unless you count gossip magazines as reading. Then yes there will be required reading. 

Sunny Outlook

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Today can't decide if it wants to be overcast or sunny, so I'm deciding for it. I would like today to be sunny so I will wear bright colors and sunglasses, just for good measure.

I can't seem to get through a Friday now without that song going through my head all day. If you know what song I'm talking about, do not click through to that link. It will haunt you until Monday. When I link another annoying song that will get stuck in your head, all day long. (You clicked through, didn't you? I can't say I didn't warn you...)

By the way, it's Friday. We so excited. 

Red, White & New

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First off, I may or may not have had a lot of time on my hands last weekend at a certain Target. Second of all, I ended up with this new top and this pair of wedges. They were practically asking me to take them home at $20 each. Have you ever said no to a cute pair of shoes? I didn't think so. 

I have so much love for this odd little skirt. (If you own this skirt, you know why it's odd. The fit is kind of funky.) I had no idea what to pair it with when I bought and now I just know it will be a staple for summer and spring. Mainly because if I slip my jacket off, I've got a killer Fourth of July outfit -- the one day it's legal and not weird for me to have a stash of fireworks in my trunk.

Skirt, Remixed:

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