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Ebb and Flow


One thing is for certain. I have a deep obsession with pairing these heels with this necklace. With every outfit I put on I have to put both of these items back, restraining myself from accessorizing the same every single day. I'll probably do this for about 5 more outfits and then move on completely. Do you ever do that with certain items? I'm crazy about something for 3 months straight and then don't wear it for another 6 months. This could also have to do with seasons and weather. But I'll let you decide.

I'm breaking my "tucking is good for you" rule today. What a little rebel. I just make these rules to break them. But honestly it's because my pants come up a bit too high to tuck this shirt in. And it just looked better this way. I like the flowiness [adj. when flow meets more flow and they get together and make a lot of flow. Also see: billowy] of this structured shirt. I think perhaps next time I'll pair it with skinny jeans, but I like this look. Plus it was super comfortable today. I didn't even feel like I was at work. Until my phone rang and the emails came flooding in and someone knocked on my door and woke me up. But other than that, I felt great today.

If you read the Modly Chic interview, yes it's all true. I really do get dressed in the dark every day. I don't however shower in the dark. That s**t is scary.

(Before I forget, I wanted to give a little warning if you are purchasing the red suede heels online. The ones that I have are the red suede heels, not to be confused with the equally cute canvas ones. However, the canvas ones are more of a light coral, not the orangey red you see on my blog)

Beg, Steal or Borrow

I can not believe it is August 30th. This month has flown by. Time flies when you document what you wear every day on the internet.*

It has finally dipped below 100 degrees here. It hung around 89 today, so very nice. That's why I busted out the old cardigan. I can just smell fall, hanging around like that creepy kid in jr. high that had a crush on you but you were way too tall for him. Like a foot taller, so it would have been weird to date, you know? But then you might have dated him for three days, and then you broke up with him one night while rollerblading. After that you'd see him creeping in hallways just like the season of fall. See? That made complete sense. You thought I was just going off on some random dialogue again.

Shout out to reader Jessica who works at Anthropologie and is so nice and always says hello when we go in. Thank you for believing me when I told you that my purse would beep when I went through the sensor detectors. I promise that I did not steal anything. But I can't speak for my husband. He works alone. I'll give him a good pat-down tonight. (too much?)

Hey, hey check out my interview over at Modly Chic, only if you want. No pressure. Of course there might be a quiz later this week, but it's up to you...pretty please?

*give or take 3 days out of the week.

Just a Ride

What did we do this weekend? Nothing, nothing and nothing. Oh well we did ride our bikes around our tiny town. Only thing is we had to use backroads since we don't have helmets and people around here are blind and drive very large cars, mostly the front of the car is large but you get the picture. We are working to resolve the helmet issue, no worries, protective headgear is of the utmost importance in the Everyday household.

Are you watching the Emmy's? We are not, regretfully. (Well probably not regretful for my husband, but for me. I'm missing all the pretty dresses!) I'm sure we could rig our non-cable tv up and get it but for now I'll watch the photos roll in on the internet. Not a bad gig for a Sunday night, if I do say so myself.

Don't act as if you didn't see this coming:
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How was your weekend?

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See Kendi Bike


The mister and I took a little bike ride downtown to a salad bar place that also serves coffee and muffins from 7 am to 11 am -- or "whenever we put the lettuce out." Also, I've joined the cool club and downloaded Hipstamatic. I see lots of iPhone photos of random things in my future.

What else do I forecast? A very good weekend. Cheers to that.

(Yes I am wearing a cardigan, while biking.)

Going My Way

This is outfit is where Dorothy (the one with Toto) meets J.Crew and they hitch-hike down the brown paved road towards the weekend, most likely stopping off at TGI Friday's. What? You didn't put your Friday costume on today? Normally mine consists of large bags under my eyes, skinny jeans and a cardigan. Come to think of it, that's what I wore today so I wasn't that far off. Here's to very long weeks and very short weekends. Cheers.

I'm a little light on words tonight, so I added an extra photo in the mix. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? That's like 6,000 words up there, so I think we're good.

Oscar de la Thrifta

My husband told me that my outfit today was "unexpected." I whipped my pony tail around and said "What does that mean?" He then backtracked and said that if someone laid out a pair of Gap pants, or a J.Crew top and along with this shirt and asked "What would Kendi wear?" he'd never go for this shirt. All the while I thought he was judging me because I didn't wash this shirt before I wore it. He was just talking about the aesthetics of my outfit, not the stinky factor.

OK yes, so maybe I didn't wash this shirt before I wore it. Maybe it's straight off of the rack...from a thrift store. But maybe the nice lady dry cleaned it before she donated it. There's always a bright side, right? Here's the deal -- I thought that we had taken it to the dry cleaners but we hadn't and I accidentally wore it. Does that make me a gross person? (Don't answer that.) But you guys, it's a vintage Oscar de la Renta top. Doesn't that make up for the fact that I'm freaking nasty and possibly unsanitary?

I'm going to go take a shower now with my shirt on. Just in case.

{Feather Necklace courtesy of Dolly & Boy}

plain jane


I was bound and determined to make this outfit work today. Why? Because I wanted to be comfortable, that's why. And what's more comfortable than a shirt that doesn't touch your body? Nothing. Well maybe a recliner or a hammock or a velour pants suit. But other than those three things -- nothing. Anyways, I couldn't figure out if I should go belt-less or with a belt -- turns outs the belt adds just the right amount of ...beltiness. I don't know what it adds, I was trying to sound cool. It just looked better that's all.

I got my shoes at Target, you guys, for $24. I'd been eyeing the Steve Madden ones that were about 3 times the price when I had just innocently walked into Target and found these genuine pleather clogs. Let me warn you though -- they may be cheap and trendy but I'm very afraid of falling to my death in those heels. There is not much there to support this 5'9" frame. I feel like I'm walking on little barbie doll legs. Which let's be honest, never works out the way you want it to.

(Also -- don't go out and try to find these pants at Banana Republic. I got them 3 years ago for $20. They'd kick you right out if you asked for that kind of deal.)

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back to school

I thought that I'd do a back to school post since my mom, sister-in-law and about half of my friends on facebook went back to school today. I of course did not go back to school from summer vacation but I did go back to work from my weekend, so that's celebration enough. Plus Monday mornings always make me a little nauseous and uneasy, just like the first day of school. I am happy to report that I did not miss the bus today and I was not late to my first class, Starbucks 101.

My husband asked me if I can still remember what I wore on the first day of school for specific years. I remember 3rd, 7th , 9th and 10th grade like it was yesterday. But 7th grade -- ahh 7th grade, that year was especially unique in my memory. Imagine with me guys -- me, 13 years old, lots of teeth with lots of orthodontia going on inside my mouth, and the bushiest eyebrows you've ever seen. (Basically I looked like a teddy bear with glitter teeth when I smiled.) I wanted to look older since I was no longer in elementary, so I raided my mom's closet from which I settled on mom's denim jumper and an oversized orange t-shirt underneath. No denim jumper would be complete without Keds and some white socks. It was 1997 after all. 3 years till Y2K -- I had to live it up.

Do you like my courses for this semester?
Looks like I'll be hitting the books hard for flower arranging and the art of husbandry. Wish me luck. If I get all A's, the husband will take me shopping.

Weekend by Instax


A few photos from the weekend. We road-tripped to Austin for a friends wedding reception party. Congrats to Kathryn and Rami -- we wish you all the wedded bliss in the world.

We came, we saw, we snapped instant pictures. How was your weekend?

liar liar

Joann of Sidewalk Chalk wrote an enlightening comment yesterday. She said "I'm really starting to believe that there are no real fashion rules anymore." Well, Joann -- I couldn't agree more. Mainly because I got this new belt which is black and I want to wear it all the time. And if fashion rules that I can't mix navy with black, then I'll just be an outlaw. Yesterday it was black and brown (which we all agreed was ok, right?) and today black and navy. I just can't help myself -- I. love. trouble.

OK and we can all go ahead and just call me a liar. A while back on Formspring, someone asked me what trend doesn't work for me. And I said maxi dresses. And then I went off on how I can't wear them because blah, blah, blah. Well lookey here... who is in a maxi dress now? Should I feel ashamed? Because I don't. I just feel really, really comfortable in all of this soft fabric.

Did you check out that crazy weather behind me? I'm pleased to report that this did not turn into a 'night of the twisters' scenario. Only some light rain, just enough to make mud for the dogs to track in. This was the first time that the sky decided to coordinate with my outfit. I like where this is going Mother Nature, very much so. Let's see what you can do with my plaid shirt tomorrow.