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No. 25

Alright guys, since honesty seems to be the theme around here, this is a direct copy of Erin's outfit yesterday. I saw her outfit and immediately thought -- hey I can do that! And then I did it. So Erin, please know that I totally knocked you off in complete "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" type of way. I promise not to go all "Single White Female" on you and cut my hair in a cute pixie and I promise to not move to California to be your next door neighbor. But I might get your Jessica Simpson platforms. Well not yours, I would buy my own.

You should probably never tell me address.

Also, excuse the strange lack of a full building behind me. It was at one time the hospital my husband was born in. And now it looks like Transformers has come and gone, leaving angry piles of buildings. Rumor has it that they are tearing it down, piece by piece, and shipping off the 50+ year old building materials to South America. Rumor also has it that Mrs. Johnson has been running around on the mister with the sheriff, so take that for what's it worth.