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Risky Business


Do you ever have an outfit in mind that you hope works...and then it does? This is that outfit. I saw this skirt at Savers and it was my diamond in the rough. $3 was how much I paid for this beauty, like I said -- diamond in the rough. I should say diamond in the stink because this skirt was hella stinky. I washed it once before I wore it, but after wearing it all day at work I've decided that it might need to go through a second or third time. Like they always say "You can take a skirt out of the thrift store, but you can't take the thrift store out of the skirt." Well they might not say that, but it should be added to their list of sayings.

My husband was confused by my choice of shoes on this outfit. They are brown, my belt is black -- was this right?? Well I don't know. But I do know that I don't have black wedges, which would fit perfectly with this skirt, and I don't have a problem mixing brown and black. Gasp! Bam! Sham-Wow! I think that I heard this philosophy on What Not to Wear but to me black and brown are both neutrals, so why not mix them? What's stopping me, right? Besides an unruly husband that is. And I couldn't decide if the stripes of my skirt were black or brown so I compromised. And let's be honest here -- the fashion police have been off duty since 1974 in my town, so it was a risk I was willing to take. So far zero fashion tickets this year. I can't say the same about traffic tickets. However, I would love to teach a defensive dressing course in my town, if the fashion police ever come back around. Officer Chiffon: Call me, we've got lesson plans to discuss.

See? Astronaut just like I promised.
Space Cadet might be a bit more accurate.