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plain jane


I was bound and determined to make this outfit work today. Why? Because I wanted to be comfortable, that's why. And what's more comfortable than a shirt that doesn't touch your body? Nothing. Well maybe a recliner or a hammock or a velour pants suit. But other than those three things -- nothing. Anyways, I couldn't figure out if I should go belt-less or with a belt -- turns outs the belt adds just the right amount of ...beltiness. I don't know what it adds, I was trying to sound cool. It just looked better that's all.

I got my shoes at Target, you guys, for $24. I'd been eyeing the Steve Madden ones that were about 3 times the price when I had just innocently walked into Target and found these genuine pleather clogs. Let me warn you though -- they may be cheap and trendy but I'm very afraid of falling to my death in those heels. There is not much there to support this 5'9" frame. I feel like I'm walking on little barbie doll legs. Which let's be honest, never works out the way you want it to.

(Also -- don't go out and try to find these pants at Banana Republic. I got them 3 years ago for $20. They'd kick you right out if you asked for that kind of deal.)