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Remix Round-Up 21-25


I can't tell you how fun it is to see everyone finishing up their challenges! I'm one proud mama, that is for sure. I'll be finishing mine up next week!

Some Remix Round Up Love:
This outfit makes me want it to be fall PRONTO!

Keira has been knocking it out with her 30 for 30 inspired Summer Bootcamp! Her remixes are So inspiring!

I can assure you that Jersey Shore has never looked so chic.

And on day 21, her co-workers finally noticed :)

I just realized Lisa embarked on this challenge right before her wedding. She's a brave soul and she just finished. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!

I love what AJ had to say in her Confessions of a Remixer.

Megan from Transmission Me is one fantastic remixer! Did you see all of her favorites? I think they were all of mine as well!