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Hands down this might be one of my favorite dresses I own. Also, that is my favorite quilt I own as well. And this is my favorite post. Ever.
How was everyone's weekend? My husband and I shot a wedding with some friends in Houston. (And by my "husband and I" -- I really mean just my husband. However, I did guard the camera equipment with my life, so I feel as if that totally counts to be a part of the team. Just like when I was the volleyball team manager in high school, technically that still meant I was on the team, right?) It was so hot outside -- I literally don't think I've been that hot in my life. Well maybe once when I was in one of those hot rock sauna's but I have to say that was my fault. But the heat from the sun? I'm totally blameless. But we went, we snapped, we conquered. It was a great day.
It's pretty strange to go to someone else's wedding whom you've never met. I totally felt like a wedding crasher, except I wasn't there to get a girlfriend and I'm not Owen Wilson. Oh and we were paid to be there. So I guess it's not like wedding crashing at all. It's actually like wedding photography. Exactly like wedding photography.