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{Similar Shorts, Watch (c/o), Purse, Necklaces 1, 2, 3, Scarf via Katy, Sandals}

For most of my life, I've felt like a huge science project and I've come to one conclusion: there are two problems with being tall. 1) Random strangers ask if I can reach items on shelves that rise many feet above my head. And even though I'm merely inches taller than them, I am expected to reach it. It's almost as if they assume I have a step stool hidden in purse, which is why I've started carrying one. 2) Shorts. Shorts are and have always been my nemesis. In high school, we had the fingertip test where if your shorts reached the ends of your fingertips with your arms down, then you were allowed to wear them. This makes plenty of sense if you are 5'2". But if you are 14 and a behemoth, the odds were not in your favor. After assessing the length of my arms to the length of my legs, I realized my body ratio was screwed and pants were my only option. Capris if I wanted to show a little leg. (By the way, I subconsciously just typed "elf" instead of 'leg.' How terrifying/awesome would that be if I had an elf hanging around at the bottom of my capris?)

Every once in a while I give in to a cute pair of shorts, ignoring the fingertip rule and embracing my height. Specifically I gave into these shorts. Sure they were $20 for $5 worth of fabric -- but $5 of the cutest pink J.Crew throwback outlet fabric ever. And while I can't get into high school, I can go on a date with my husband. I don't even have to pass a test for that one.