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Lazy is the new Effort

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I thought that I'd tone my outfit down for your computer screens today. I'm sure you don't want my outfits burned into your monitors, now do you? I didn't think you did, so neutrals it is today. Except for my lipstick. Let me keep my bright lipstick. 

You know what I like best about this outfit? I didn't have to iron it. That's right out of every element, I like that no effort was put in other than putting it on. Not one thing did I have to iron. And from the way that I hang my clothes, that's impressive. (Because I don't hang up my clothes, that's why it's impressive.) I'm kidding -- I hang up every article of clothing before it hits the ground. My closet is immaculate, I cook a delicious dinner every night and every morning little birds wake me up with a song as they pull back the curtains in my room with their little beaks. 

Only one of those things is a lie. I'll let you decide which one.