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{Shop: Skirt, Watch (c/o Fossil), Heels}

And what did I tell you? That I'd be back by this afternoon and here I am. I'm a woman of my word. 

Remember this shirt? I had my mom chop off the sleeves and voila -- a new shirt for summer. I guess I'll have to sew the sleeves back on when it's fall but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. Not to make you jealous but my skirt is two sizes too small and it kind of hurts when I sit down. BUT it only cost $6. I don't mind re-arranging a few internal organs for a cheap skirt.

If you've ever wondered what my hair looks like in it's natural state -- here you go. Straight with a random slight bend at the ends. Again not to make you jealous, but my hair bends for exactly 1/2" at the end with no effort whatsoever. 

(Also, the title should be read like this.)