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After Five

{JeansSimilar Men's Shirt, Boots, Similar Blazer, Bag c/o Hobo}

Well. This is what I've worked all day looks like, not the usual fresh out of the shower posts I give you. Slightly greasy hair that starts forming odd bumps throughout. Makeup that over the last 8 hours has slowly disappeared into my pores which will magically reappear in 2-5 days as an angry zit. And wrinkles, oh the wrinkles, all over. Even in places that it doesn't make sense to have wrinkle (see jacket sleeve where absolutely no body part is able to bend). 

But do I still take outfit photos? Of course I do. It's part dedication, part habit, part OCD, part vanity, part crazy and a little bit of the Bieber Fever. That's what keeps me going.