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(Really) Wide Leg

{Similar Shirt, Heels}

Three things about silk pants: 1) constant wrinkles 2) the wind hates silk and 3) constantly worried about stains. I have banned myself from eating anything greasy today along with anything that involves ketchup or wine or blood. (Blood is such a pain to get out of silk.) It's that or eat with my pants off, which I typically wait until 5 pm to do that. 

I found these pants at Anthro for $20 (down from $198. It's almost like they paid me to take them off their hands) and I bought them on a whim. The very next day I saw this image on Pinterest and was so glad I took a risk on my wide leg maxi silky sultan pants. I really don't know what to call these things.

(Excuse the weird pouts. Apparently when it's cold I make 'sexy come hither/I just ate a lemon' face.)