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Every Halloween I feel so lame. Ever since becoming an adult (who is still cutting baby teeth) I don't dress up and celebrate -- not because I don't believe in fun but mainly because I'm that lazy. What will we do tonight? Leave all of our lights off and eat candy corn, alone in the dark until I pass out from my sugar high. This is every Monday night, but usually we leave the lights on. 

Newsflash: I just saw a man in a coffee shop having a business meeting dressed as Tigger. I applaud his bravery and his dedication to the holiday. I on the other hand also dressed in costume today. Leopard print -- get it? I'm a cat.

Twenty Seven

Yesterday was my b-day. I turned the ripe old age of 27. I also cut a wisdom tooth. 27 years later and I'm still teething. I think puberty is just around the corner. 

So this post is basically here for you to tell me happy birthday (who doesn't love an extended birthday, right??) /apologize for taking a small break over the next few days. I promise that I will be wearing the most boring outfits you've ever seen -- or that you've never seen, in this case. Happy weekend, friends. I'll see you guys on Monday.

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Well I knew this day would come -- I had to retire my old faithful Steve Madden boots. Resoled or not, they were getting nasty. Three years of wear, three years of memories. I'm tearing up over here. I was pretty certain that I would buy the same ones again but then I found this pair. And as sad as I was to give them away, my sadness immediately cleared when I slipped this pair on. If Kate Middleton could be a shoe, I think it would be these boots.  Is love to strong of a word to use for shoes? What about best friend or dream come true? 

I realize I have an unnatural love for my closet. Just let me be. 

(Secret message to my grandmother: Thank you for the birthday money, you kindly bought me new boots.)


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On the day that I decided to straighten my new hair, it mists and fogs. But the good news is it made for some pretty/creepy photos. Pretty and creepy is my speciality after all, so I'm pretty pleased. Even if my hair frizzed up five minutes after this photo.

Usually I'm better at posting early on Monday mornings but this weekend was bananas. We shot a wedding in New Orleans on Saturday and then ended up back at the shop yesterday, needless to say outfit photos did not happen. I need to throw this out there: how do celebrities always look so put together while traveling? I look o.k. going onto a plane and then by the end of a 70-minute flight I look a hot mess.  I'm sweaty, my hair is disheveled, I have stains on my shirt, I've lost a shoe. Okay so maybe every morning is a foggy morning for me.


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And just like that it was fall. I believe it got down in the 30's last night my friends. See what a little whining can do? It gets you want you want. That's always been my m.o. 
Oh and yes, I cut my hair. Again. This is what I wasn't brave enough to do the first time around. I somehow found bravery on Wednesday and just said 'chop it' to the hair lady. This is going to sound weird, but I wish you guys could feel my hair. It's really soft, like rabbit's foot soft. If we ever meet, feel free to touch my hair. I'll completely understand. 

The Trouble with Mustard Pants


I hate to admit this but mustard pants are kind of hard to style. I thought "no biggie" when I bought them because I've previously owned a mustard colored skirt which was a cinch to style. But pants -- pants are completely different than skirts. (Yes, feel free to quote me on that.) So I just decided to go the easy route and pair it with a blouse that had a similar color. And by easy I mean I thought about this outfit for a good 30 minutes before leaving the house.

Also, this outfit reminds me of Arrested Development. Why you say? Because there is always money in the banana stand. And I kind of feel like a banana.

(*This top was bought with a gift card provided by LOFT, just so you know.)

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Go with the Flow

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Yesterday called for flowy. Until I realized it was blowing 30 mph winds and then yesterday called for pants. But once an outfit happens, it happens. There is not turning back. Also, yesterday was laundry day so really there was no turning back.
If you hear me say one thing, it is this: buy a nice cream, white or ivory blouse that goes with everything. Do you hear me? I've worn this guy countless of times. It's soft, transitional, remixable. He listens to my problems, doesn't judge me when I eat a whole box of cookies. We're practically best friends. Moral of that weird story: a neutral blouse goes a long way.

Almost Autumn


I wore this last Friday before I knew it was going to be 85 degrees. I didn't realize it was this hot until I walked out at 5 pm from the shop and immediately regretted the heavy scarf. Mainly because I saw people in shorts point and stare at me from afar. I realize it still feels like summer, but it's October. I'm going to look October, even if I'm sweaty while doing it. 

Thanks Mom

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My mother bought me this skirt. Mainly because it was a buy one, get one half-off deal and she had an odd number. BUT I'm also going to say that it's because she loves me and because I looked it longingly while she shopped for herself and then I threw myself on the ground until she agreed. Old tricks still work my friends. 

I typically don't push items ever but this might be the best skirt in the world. It's long enough so I can bend over if necessary, it doesn't give me a muffin top, it has animal print -- the list goes on. Best skirt ever.


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I had the best of intentions this week to blog an outfit everyday. And then this week happened. Do you ever have a string of days where nothing looks right on? Every morning I wake up with a great outfit in mind and then it looks like a third grader dressed me. (No offense to the 8 years olds out there. Keep shining, kiddos.) There is currently a 2 foot pile of clothing in my closet waiting to be hung back up and apolgized to for all of the curse words I've said to them this week. Somedays you win, other days you wear repeated outfits that worked last week. I wore this actually on Tuesday but now it's Thursday. Also, how is it already Thursday?? Why is this year flying by? It's still 2011, right?

(PS -- If you get a chance today, send some love over to Jentine from My Edit. It's her birthday. She's 65.)

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Total Knock Off


So yesterday was my day off by default since we are closed on Monday. You see, your Saturday is my Monday. What I'd like to do with my time off is sit around, eat chocolate and watch Jersey Shore all day, but that outfit consists of sticky sweat pants and a tank top. Cute, but not quite blogworthy. Luckily, instead of wasting time and muscle mass yesterday I ended up with a styling gig to help a friend style her closet. Since I've never been a stylist before (that's right, I've done it one time now I think I'm a stylist. Too soon?) I had no idea what to wear. And when I don't know what to wear I go to my handy-dandy Pinterest and file through until I find something to knock off completely. And now you know my secret to style -- knocking off everyone I see.

Rainy Day

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I found my sweater this summer at J.Crew for $20. The obviously didn't sell in Texas this summer because they resembled well... a sweater. There are only a few things that don't sell well in Texas in the summer: hot cocoa and sweaters. Lucky for me, I like both. I was wise enough to look past the 100 degree weather and I snagged this gem up in a heartbeat. Yesterday was rainy and cool and I was finally able to bust out my first sweater of the fall. Does this mean boots are next? Dare to dream, right? Dare to dream.