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I know what you are thinking -- "she's wearing her belt...backwards. That's weird." But actually I really like it this way. The only problem is going to the bathroom, so I just don't drink water. Problem solved! If you are wondering what this looks like from the back and how I hide the buckle, I've made a diagram for you to study.


Now you understand, young grasshopper, now you understand.

Lazy is the new Effort

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I thought that I'd tone my outfit down for your computer screens today. I'm sure you don't want my outfits burned into your monitors, now do you? I didn't think you did, so neutrals it is today. Except for my lipstick. Let me keep my bright lipstick. 

You know what I like best about this outfit? I didn't have to iron it. That's right out of every element, I like that no effort was put in other than putting it on. Not one thing did I have to iron. And from the way that I hang my clothes, that's impressive. (Because I don't hang up my clothes, that's why it's impressive.) I'm kidding -- I hang up every article of clothing before it hits the ground. My closet is immaculate, I cook a delicious dinner every night and every morning little birds wake me up with a song as they pull back the curtains in my room with their little beaks. 

Only one of those things is a lie. I'll let you decide which one.

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Are you noticing a pattern here? Thrifted, Target, thrifted, Target. If only I could have found this belt and shoes at a thrift store, then you'd be really impressed. Actually I've been relentlessly searching for a vintage belt like this one for ages (months), so when it coyly showed up at Target I called the search off. I think the people at Target can read my mind. I also found a copy of the Royal Wedding on DVD the other day and I had just said that I wanted to watch the wedding in it's entirety. The coincidences are starting to get freaky. How do they know me so well??

I'm not sure what happened but this skirt doesn't make me want to die anymore when I wear it. Which is good since I took that chance when I put it in my remix. I live on the edge, people. Of course the edge is completely fenced in, kind of like a scenic overlook, but still -- it's the edge.

PS-- not to obsess on Kate "BE MY BEST FRIEND" Middleton but as Linda pointed out, the wedding on DVD is the deal of the day.

Hats Off

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Do you remember that song "Did I Shave My Legs For This?" (If you don't, this means you actually had a chance at being classy when you grew up. Good for you.) I feel like this lately. Except I don't shave my legs, so this issue is with my hair. It's so hot, humid and windy that I can spend 14 hours (and I always do) on my hair and I step outside for it to immediately fail. I think "really? did I wash my hair for this?" And then I remember that I didn't actually wash my hair, where is my hat? 

And now kids.... a little remix equation for you:
Isn't math fun?

Blue Redo

{Shop: Similar Blouse, Shorts, Heels}

I'm a big fan of finding inspiration in one's own closet. I'm also a big fan of myself (yay for hyper self-esteem!!!) so naturally I would use one of my favorite outfits from this spring for a summer time look. Black and blue (no matter how many shades of) are meant to be together in my book. (And yes I did just thrift two similar blue silk blouses. I haz a problem, ok?)

Thoughts on dressy shorts? I felt a little weird with heels and shorts on. Which is weird because I never feel weird with heels and a skirt on. And I feel 100% comfortable in a skort and heels. But then I always feel comfortable in skorts because nothing can go wrong when you are wearing half shorts,half skirt, so...

Happy weekend? That was the strangest segue to a well wished weekend yet but it was straight from the heart. 

Piece of Art

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When I saw this blouse, I died a little inside. (The Rachel Zoe kind of dying, mind you. All of my organs are still working thus far.) It's not only a watercolor inspired blouse, it's a freaking piece of art. Who does that? J.Crew Outlet does, my friends. High class, low cost. That's how I roll. 

But then I wore it. And I felt very...flashy? Flamboyant? Over the top? I was with my mom when I wore it and I asked "Do I look like Liberace's daughter in this top?" She took one look at me and said "No. You look like my daughter in that top. Where'd you get the shirt from? It's fabulous." 

I can't fight it, flashy is just in my genes.

You likey?

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I did something kind of strange today. I started a Facebook page devoted to all things Kendi Everyday because someone suggested that I make one. (I do anything someone suggests. I've got an appointment at 3:30 to go jump off a bridge.) There isn't any content on there yet, but don't worry -- the internet shrine will be built in no time. So Rome wasn't built in a day, but I'm not really going for the whole 'take-over the world' feel for my page. So if you like people to bombard your status updates all the time, then 'like' (or whatever it's called now if you are reading this in the future. Also, are we in space cars yet?) my Facebook page. I promise to post no less than 25 times a day. You want cell phone shots of what I ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND 4th meal? Done, facebook-style.

On a side note, I totally swiped this outfit right from under this girl's feet. Sometimes stealing is necessary. Breaking and entering, not okay, but outfit theft is totally acceptable.

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Winner of last week's giveaway is...

Congrats Jessica-- Email me!

Loud and Clear

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I'm not a particularly loud person. But when I put this outfit on I immediately felt like this combo was yelling "Can you see me? I'm over here!! Pass the ball!" (Ok, not 'pass the ball.' Sorry that was left over from my past life as a 7th grade basketball star .) It's cloudy out, which means it's the perfect day to draw attention to myself. I was getting tired of constantly waving my arms at people so that they'd notice me; wearing bright colors works so much better. 

I don't normally play favorites with my closet (that's like picking your favorite kids, right?), but this might be a new favorite outfit of mine. Comfortable and yet slightly loud. Perfect.



{Shop: Maxi Dress, Heels}

This outfit is leftover from the weekend away. I also double-dipped on this outfit, as I wore it out one night and then again the next day on our way back home. I just liked it too much to not wear it again. Nothing like second helpings on outfits. Or food-to-clothing analogies. Pass the mustard cardigan, would ya?

As you can tell, I brought my wind machine along to the shot. There's nothing like posing in a barren field with forceful winds that makes you wonder what you are doing with your life. Just kidding -- does that face up there look existential to you? I didn't think so either.

Weekend Away


This weekend we took a little staycation in nearby Austin. [Staycation: (n.)- what results when your vacation hopes and dreams doesn't match your vacation budget.] Since we didn't want to spend our life savings on a vacation (although we thought about it more than I should admit), we decided to hang around one of our favorite cities for the weekend. 

As you know, I'm the worst packer in the world but it turns out the best part about a limited wardrobe? Easy packing and a light suitcase. (40 lbs for two days is light, right?)

Advanced Style


{Top, Watch, Heels, Necklaces 1, 2}

There might be cool weather where you are, but here in Texas it's hot, you guys. Maybe too hot. I typically carry around a cardigan or jacket to throw on when it gets cold when sitting inside, but the thought of wearing a jacket of any sorts makes me want to gag a little. And I hate throwing up, so no jacket for me.

Yesterday, I saw a little old lady who was very well dressed and covered in gold tone accessories (I mean covered -- purse, shoes, jewelry, the works). Then I noticed her layers of bracelets over her oversized gold watch. I looked down at my layer of bracelets and oversized watch. This either means that lady reads style blogs or she's been rocking that look since the 80's. Either way, I gave her the silent head nod of approval and an only slightly creepy wink. Although she clutched her purse tightly and walked away, I think she got the message.