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There might be cool weather where you are, but here in Texas it's hot, you guys. Maybe too hot. I typically carry around a cardigan or jacket to throw on when it gets cold when sitting inside, but the thought of wearing a jacket of any sorts makes me want to gag a little. And I hate throwing up, so no jacket for me.

Yesterday, I saw a little old lady who was very well dressed and covered in gold tone accessories (I mean covered -- purse, shoes, jewelry, the works). Then I noticed her layers of bracelets over her oversized gold watch. I looked down at my layer of bracelets and oversized watch. This either means that lady reads style blogs or she's been rocking that look since the 80's. Either way, I gave her the silent head nod of approval and an only slightly creepy wink. Although she clutched her purse tightly and walked away, I think she got the message.