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Free Spirit


{Skirt, V-Neck, Wedges, Purse, Watch (c/o), Necklaces 1, 2, 3, Scarf via Jessie}

Let's be honest, a hippie I am not. Uptight? YES. A carefree, bohemian-style hippie? Sadly no. But I've always admired bohemian style and envied the girls that can pull it off without looking like they tried too hard (especially this stranger). I want to be carefree, I do, but stress is my best friend. And I hate the smell of patchouli. It's just not in my tarot cards to be a free-spirit. 

So when Jessie came up with the Scarf Swap idea (have you read about it? If not, go, read, swap, love.) I was so excited. I love silk scarves but I never quite know what to do with them. I always feel awkward when I tie my hair up with them. So I knew this was my chance -- I could be a real live, hippie impostor. (For some reason I equate hair scarves with bohemian style. Go with it, ok?) Day one as a free spirit poser is in the bag. 

(PS: I discovered that I can take outfit photos and post them all up and down the internet but wearing a scarf in my hair terrifies me. Self-conscious all the time and slightly paranoid. Real life is scary, hold me?)