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{Shop: Similar Skirt, Watch (c/o Fossil), Heels}

Are you noticing a pattern here? Thrifted, Target, thrifted, Target. If only I could have found this belt and shoes at a thrift store, then you'd be really impressed. Actually I've been relentlessly searching for a vintage belt like this one for ages (months), so when it coyly showed up at Target I called the search off. I think the people at Target can read my mind. I also found a copy of the Royal Wedding on DVD the other day and I had just said that I wanted to watch the wedding in it's entirety. The coincidences are starting to get freaky. How do they know me so well??

I'm not sure what happened but this skirt doesn't make me want to die anymore when I wear it. Which is good since I took that chance when I put it in my remix. I live on the edge, people. Of course the edge is completely fenced in, kind of like a scenic overlook, but still -- it's the edge.

PS-- not to obsess on Kate "BE MY BEST FRIEND" Middleton but as Linda pointed out, the wedding on DVD is the deal of the day.