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Truth Be Told

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Full disclosure -- I almost didn't blog this outfit. But my husband nagged me about it  (he was saying something how I told the world that I was going to blog what I wore everyday, something crazy like that) and here I am, blogging the outfit. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a cute outfit, especially when I had it on and all, I just think it lacked a belt and some jewels. Lesson learned -- more accessories. But Bryan has made an honest woman out of me, so in other words I wore this yesterday. 

Now since I'm being honest, you must too. Do you blog outfits that aren't your favorites or do you hide those outfits like your high school senior pictures? Sometimes I want to run and hide after I see an outfit on the computer screen. Please tell me you guys are the same way. I'm begging you here. So 'fess up ladies -- do you blog all of your outfits, the good, the bad, and the ugly? 

a birthday, frame by frame


Thank you for all of the birthday wishes! Along with your sweet wishes, I got a blog post, new shirt and a new pair of boots from the mister. I am a spoiled rotten brat. If this next year resembles anything like yesterday, twenty six will be a good year.

So you like Kendi Everyday?

Why don't you marry it?


And by marry I mean sponsor -- I'm already taken. Email me for details on November and December.

Jump In

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My husband jokes with me on days that he leaves for work early about which outfit he'll see me in later. I'm normally partially dressed for the day throwing on different outfits at breakneck speed. He says "I better see you in this outfit when I see you at lunch." 9 times out of ten he does not. Also, you should know that he was not threatening me. It's hard to communicate voice inflection through words but trust me, he doesn't threaten me over clothes. When I drink the rest of the wine or eat all of the cookies, maybe -- but never over my outfits. Side note -- this was the third outfit I put on today. 

Someone asked on my Formspring if I was pregnant because I was glowing. Um, no. No baby everyday here. But I am glowing for a reason. (I imagined your ears perked a bit.) Imaginary drum roll please: 

I quit my job.

And now I don't know what to say. Honestly I didn't know how to break the news on my blog since I know that you guys really liked the derogatory comments made by my coworkers in reference to colored tights. But I no longer work at that place that was confused by what I wore. Hip hip hooray. So what am I doing? (Besides eating cookies and drinking wine, obvs) I'm working on a few projects that my husband and I have going on that hopefully I can share with you in a few weeks. I'm working on freelance projects. And mostly I'm using parts of my brain that no one in the corporate world ever believed that I had. I'm doing things I enjoy, things that I can be good at. I got caught up in the "because you can, you should" game. And that simply isn't true. I can sit at a job that makes me unhappy for years, but that doesn't mean I should. I can whine and complain about not being able to live out a dream, but that doesn't mean I should. I can listen to everyone around me tell me what I should be. But I won't. 

I turn 26 tomorrow (as I've told you for the past week, annoying right?). This is the first year since graduating college that I haven't feared turning a year older. I am not clinging to year 25, saying it was the best year, that no year can be as good as the last, that the next year is doomed. I'm not afraid of what's next. I took a jump in year 25, let's see where I land in 26.

All of that to say, one thing of my life has changed: my job. I still wake up every morning, roll out of bed and I get dressed two pant legs at a time. What? How do you put pants on?

Thrifted and Gifted

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Funny story about that blazer. I went thrifting with two friends a few weeks ago and walked away with nothing. This never bothers me, as I know there is always another day to thrift. (Is that a Bond movie? It should be.) Anyways, while they were checking out this blazer caught my eye. I tried it on, it fit. I still didn't budge, as the line got longer the $12 dollars seemed to multiple and I put it back. Think long, think wrong as my dad always said.  This about broke my friend's heart, as she harassed me about it, "are you sure you didn't want that?? It was so cute! I'll buy it for you!" Then she vowed that if I woke up the next day still thinking about it, she would get it for me. I obliged. 

I did not wake up the next day thinking about it. But she got it for me anyways, for my upcoming birthday. Isn't that sweet? And she had it dry cleaned. One step further than I would have taken. Lesson learned: Always take Amy thrifting and slowly walk away from items you want with a sullen look on your face. She will give them to you later, clean and ready to wear. It's worked so far. 

Someone get me a book to write STAT, I've already got an author photo:


Does that not look like the face of a really great romance paperback book author? I'll let you decide, but I think it does. I'll be off penning my new novel about Edward and Bella. I came up with those names just now. I was made for this. 

Wish List


My birthday is on Wednesday and truth be told, I just spent most of my morning shopping online...for myself. It's cool, I didn't use real money and I put everything back like a good budget shopper. But let's pretend that I have money and/or friends with money AND these things can get here in two days... well, well, well Happy Birthday to me. 

1. Sunday Brunch Sweater Wrap
2. The Willow Skirt
3. Soho Salt & Pepper Dress
4. The Fifi Skirt
5. Petal to the Metal Dress

All items shown are from

It's OK


Yesterday I wore two different socks. There is no actual problem with this, the function was still there just not the form. But the thing is I didn't realize this until last night, as I was getting ready for bed. I looked down and there they were: my two mismatched feet, in polka dot socks. Then I realized one more thing: I am tired.

For the last 6 months, we have been going non-stop. Partly because we like to be busy and partly because life is busy. Lesson learned that life doesn't stop, even when you need it to. I am tired, not of my blog or of you guys, just in general. I would work 24 hours a day, if my body would let me. But I can't, as I've learned. I need a weekend and I need a nap. Yes, I've realized all of this because of one -- well technically two -- pairs of perfectly mismatched socks. So to that I declare that it is okay. It's okay to be more than a little tired at times, a little mismatched, a little disheveled. It's okay to wake up in the mismatched socks that you wore yesterday and to not care. It's okay to take a day off, or two, or three. It's okay to take outfit pictures and realize you hate your outfit. It's okay to vow to only wear sweatpants for the next two days. It's okay to take a break.

Whatever it is, it's okay. 

Here is to the weekend, see you and a new pair of socks on Monday.

Professional Hippie

{Shop: Similar Skirt, Boots. Sweater & necklace not available online}

I have been feeling drapey lately with my outfits. Drapey -- not droopy. Drapey is cool, droopy is gross. Drapey is 25 going on 26 next week, droppy is going on what may be her last birthday ever. Drapey tells you the latest Hollywood gossip, droopy reads the obituaries out loud every time you see her. Drapey, not droopy.

I like to think of this outfit as the professional hippie. As if there were such a job. There's not right? That's what they told me in college and I believed them. If there is, let me know ASAP. I've been dying to change my name to Penny Lane and get a group of girls that I call the Band Aids ever since I saw Almost Famous. 

My birthday is next week. I only have one request: for all of you to fly down to Texas and celebrate with me. It'll be a small celebration at the local park. I'll provide the pizza and kool-aid. Everyone is drinking the kool-aid, you will not be getting out of it. But if you can't make it, you can just buy me these boots. Of course, your presence will be missed but not your presents.

Good Morning

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I missed an outfit post yesterday due to an emergency. An emergency performance by Sufjan Stevens in Austin. I had to be there you guys, he couldn't have performed without me. You understand right? Anyways, I wore a repeat of this outfit so its not like you missed anything. Oh but you did. You missed an amazing concert, not to rub it in. (But it was amazing.)

So to make up for not taking pics yesterday, B said that we could take outfit pics this morning instead of waiting until after work. I thought this was a good idea until I remembered the Morning Face .

Oh that Morning Face. Yeah the one that's puffy and with pillow lines still on it. The kind of angry, kind of confused looking face. We gave it five minutes to wake up and then shot...guns. We shot guns this morning. I'm kidding we shot photos. But we could have had we wanted to. No one was around to stop us.

On a lighter note, I got my jacket yesterday for $50 at Loft. That's not a bargain, Kendi! Yes it is friends, when it originally cost $128, that is a bargain. They are having a 50% off sale. If you are not heading there after work, I'm starting to think that you don't like saving money. And if that's true, I'm not sure we can be friends. 

Long Dress, Short Jacket


I pretty much wore this dress all weekend long. At home with a sweatshirt over it. Out and about with a cardigan over it. It feels like pajamas to be honest. It also felt strange to change out of this dress into pajamas, almost as strange as it did to go from the couch where I was laying to the bed. Welcome to my weekend.

And then I wore the dress today with my bomber jacket over it. Yes, I washed it. No I don't care that I've worn it for the last three days. Yes, I still wanted to be in bed hence the reason I wore the pajama dress.

Don't even ask to see the photo with me in my maxi dress and a sweatshirt. What? The silent treatment. Fine, here it is.


Do as I say, not as I dress.

Now Open

I cleaned out my closet this weekend and decided that I am a hoarder of ultimate measure. I always wondered why I couldn't watch that show and now I know why. Because I feel shameful for watching a show that I should be on.

I'm kidding. It's not that bad. I do not have a opossum in my house. Just a lot of clothes. At least I don't think I have a opossum...

So to combat my bad habits of keeping everything I've bought since I was twelve, I've opened up a shop to sell a few items. So without further ado --  the shop is up and open for business from now until Friday!

The Kendi Shop

Update: Thanks to everyone that stopped by the shop this morning. Everything is sold out! The Shop will be offline until I update it again. 

How To Hair-Do's

Okay, you asked so I'll show you. This is how I do my hair.

Materials needed:
  1. Hair 
  2. 1 1/4" Barrel Curling Iron
  3. Hairspray
  4. Comb and/or brush

    Let's do this. 

    *PS: This may or may not work on your hair. This process has only been proven on my hair. I have naturally straight, fine hair so I've figured out that this works for me. If you have tips on how you do your hair, I'd love to hear them! Send me an email or leave a link below. 


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    lazy |ˈlāzē|adjective ( lazier laziest )unwilling to work or use energy :2 unwilling to pick out clothes for the day, usually blames unusually slow motor skills in the early AM hours :3 slow moving and/or too tired to care because she stayed up way too late watching that dang Say Yes to The Dress show. 
    See also: only ironed husband's clothes for the week, did not iron any for herself in an act of selflessness. 
    This is how I define a "but I don't want to get out of bed" outfit. My husband's ironed shirt, jeans and 
    a bun. My only saving graces today were the red heels, lipstick and an animal print belt. You can fool anyone with an animal print belt -- only people who mean business wear animal print. Everyone knows that. 

    Gone with the Wind

    Today I had a really good hair day. Unusually good, in fact I suspected that it was raining this morning when I peeked outside. A hair day this good calls for rain, much like a just washed car or a clean, white shirt. I peeked outside and nothing but stillness.

    Until 5 pm came around bringing along with it a forceful wind. Since it was save the good hair day or take outfit pictures, I chose the latter and sacrificed the hair. Best laid plans, right?

    In a way, This is how the last few years of my life has been. I dream up a plan that works perfectly in my head (or in this case on my head) and I try to stay on that plan, only to watch the wind blow it down. Life tosses me a curveball and I have to make a choice -- stay with the plan or go with the wind. Somedays I play it safe, I stick to the plan. Other days I go with the wind. To be honest, those are the better days. Those are the better choices.

    If it's for or against you, go where the wind takes you.