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Jump In

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My husband jokes with me on days that he leaves for work early about which outfit he'll see me in later. I'm normally partially dressed for the day throwing on different outfits at breakneck speed. He says "I better see you in this outfit when I see you at lunch." 9 times out of ten he does not. Also, you should know that he was not threatening me. It's hard to communicate voice inflection through words but trust me, he doesn't threaten me over clothes. When I drink the rest of the wine or eat all of the cookies, maybe -- but never over my outfits. Side note -- this was the third outfit I put on today. 

Someone asked on my Formspring if I was pregnant because I was glowing. Um, no. No baby everyday here. But I am glowing for a reason. (I imagined your ears perked a bit.) Imaginary drum roll please: 

I quit my job.

And now I don't know what to say. Honestly I didn't know how to break the news on my blog since I know that you guys really liked the derogatory comments made by my coworkers in reference to colored tights. But I no longer work at that place that was confused by what I wore. Hip hip hooray. So what am I doing? (Besides eating cookies and drinking wine, obvs) I'm working on a few projects that my husband and I have going on that hopefully I can share with you in a few weeks. I'm working on freelance projects. And mostly I'm using parts of my brain that no one in the corporate world ever believed that I had. I'm doing things I enjoy, things that I can be good at. I got caught up in the "because you can, you should" game. And that simply isn't true. I can sit at a job that makes me unhappy for years, but that doesn't mean I should. I can whine and complain about not being able to live out a dream, but that doesn't mean I should. I can listen to everyone around me tell me what I should be. But I won't. 

I turn 26 tomorrow (as I've told you for the past week, annoying right?). This is the first year since graduating college that I haven't feared turning a year older. I am not clinging to year 25, saying it was the best year, that no year can be as good as the last, that the next year is doomed. I'm not afraid of what's next. I took a jump in year 25, let's see where I land in 26.

All of that to say, one thing of my life has changed: my job. I still wake up every morning, roll out of bed and I get dressed two pant legs at a time. What? How do you put pants on?