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Gone with the Wind

Today I had a really good hair day. Unusually good, in fact I suspected that it was raining this morning when I peeked outside. A hair day this good calls for rain, much like a just washed car or a clean, white shirt. I peeked outside and nothing but stillness.

Until 5 pm came around bringing along with it a forceful wind. Since it was save the good hair day or take outfit pictures, I chose the latter and sacrificed the hair. Best laid plans, right?

In a way, This is how the last few years of my life has been. I dream up a plan that works perfectly in my head (or in this case on my head) and I try to stay on that plan, only to watch the wind blow it down. Life tosses me a curveball and I have to make a choice -- stay with the plan or go with the wind. Somedays I play it safe, I stick to the plan. Other days I go with the wind. To be honest, those are the better days. Those are the better choices.

If it's for or against you, go where the wind takes you.