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so last season

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I would like to take a moment and commend myself from three years ago.

Dear 2007 Kendi:

Remember when you spent way too much money on grey booties that you never really wore? You called them "a mistake" and swore that you would take them back but then you lost the receipt so you were just stuck with them? Well now those shoes are perfect and if I calculate inflation in to what they would cost now, I would have never in my right mind bought them. Shame on you for spending well over $100 on them, but thank you for being single, careless and one-track minded when it came to shopping. Future Kendi is proud to wear them and speaks of you fondly. Hey, 2008 Kendi -- I can't say much about your contributions to my wardrobe. Now why didn't you buy a faux leopard print coat? That could have really come in handy this season.

I love this dress in so many ways. I think it's becoming my go-to Monday dress (See: Monday 1, Monday 2) I just feel like it's a blank canvas that I can paint. Well not literally paint on with actual paint, just metaphorically with accessories. Although I have been known to get pretty crafty with a t-shirt, stencil and puff paint. I'm just waiting for 1993 to come back in style.