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{Shop: Earrings, Shoes, Jeans-- kind of}

lazy |ˈlāzē|adjective ( lazier laziest )unwilling to work or use energy :2 unwilling to pick out clothes for the day, usually blames unusually slow motor skills in the early AM hours :3 slow moving and/or too tired to care because she stayed up way too late watching that dang Say Yes to The Dress show. 
See also: only ironed husband's clothes for the week, did not iron any for herself in an act of selflessness. 
This is how I define a "but I don't want to get out of bed" outfit. My husband's ironed shirt, jeans and 
a bun. My only saving graces today were the red heels, lipstick and an animal print belt. You can fool anyone with an animal print belt -- only people who mean business wear animal print. Everyone knows that.