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Thrifted and Gifted

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Funny story about that blazer. I went thrifting with two friends a few weeks ago and walked away with nothing. This never bothers me, as I know there is always another day to thrift. (Is that a Bond movie? It should be.) Anyways, while they were checking out this blazer caught my eye. I tried it on, it fit. I still didn't budge, as the line got longer the $12 dollars seemed to multiple and I put it back. Think long, think wrong as my dad always said.  This about broke my friend's heart, as she harassed me about it, "are you sure you didn't want that?? It was so cute! I'll buy it for you!" Then she vowed that if I woke up the next day still thinking about it, she would get it for me. I obliged. 

I did not wake up the next day thinking about it. But she got it for me anyways, for my upcoming birthday. Isn't that sweet? And she had it dry cleaned. One step further than I would have taken. Lesson learned: Always take Amy thrifting and slowly walk away from items you want with a sullen look on your face. She will give them to you later, clean and ready to wear. It's worked so far. 

Someone get me a book to write STAT, I've already got an author photo:


Does that not look like the face of a really great romance paperback book author? I'll let you decide, but I think it does. I'll be off penning my new novel about Edward and Bella. I came up with those names just now. I was made for this.