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{Shop: Dress,Boots, Necklace}
Remember that time that I said that I only bought 1 piece from the Tucker for Target line? Well I went back. Innocently enough, I went back and lo and behold this dress was the only one left in my size, just hanging on the rack. I swear there was a light from heaven shining on it. And even though I'm on an Anthropologie break for a while*, that doesn't mean I can't faux-thropologie shop, right?

Also, I'd like you to meet someone. Meet another pair of Steve Madden booties that I bought last year and never really wore. Now I want to wear them all the time. Either Steve Madden is ahead of himself, or I'm just really, really behind on fashion. Either way wouldn't surprise me. It's like I have new boots for free. Kendi - 1, Steve Madden - 1. It's a win-win situation.

*Why I'm on a break from Anthropologie: I love that store, as if it was a relative (a close relative, like a quirky aunt), but I get in trouble every time I go into the store or browse online. That is the one place I can not say no to myself, so I'm just not going in for a while. Sad but true. Let the faux-thropologie begin!