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I've stared at this post for far too long with no words for you guys. This is what I wrote after an hour: I only painted the fingernails on one of my hands. 

While this is a true statement, I think I'm going to do what's right, stop now and try again later. At least I got dressed today. Step one is complete.




At the Texas Style Council Conference a few weeks ago, Jen and I swapped a few items. So far I've worn it twice on my blog and I've slept in it every single night. It's the jacket I never knew I wanted. Kind of like when people say "you're the son/daughter I never had." But this is a jacket. So it's kind of different.

Breaking news: It's a good thing we already took photos today because I just got Nutella on my shirt. I was making a Nutella sandwich. What's that you ask? That's when you take a spoonful of Nutella and place it in between two other spoonfuls of Nutella. Delicious and healthy.*

*Depends on what your definition of healthy is. My definition includes Nutella.

Coffee, Dogs and Girl Scout Cookies

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This morning we took our dog along with us as we grabbed a coffee and sat outside on the patio. I guess I've never realized how much attention a little dog will bring. Within an hour we were offered dog tips, dog snacks and actually another dog that needed a new home.  And then we were surrounded by a small herd of girl scouts who told us he was the nicest dog they'd ever I'll take it as a compliment.

We got on the subject of Girl Scout cookies (naturally) and I asked how many boxes they had sold. One girl didn't answer, another said 60 and then finally this answer: "I don't know but I ate a whole box of Samoa's. And I don't even like Samoa's." 

And there standing in front of my two eyes was the 7 year old version of me. Girl Scout Cookie Overeaters of America unite.

High Contrast

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It was super windy yesterday and for some reason we decided under an overpass would be a good place to shoot. You know, because that makes sense. Surely wind hates small, tunnel-like places, right? Turns out this hypothesis is wrong. But I'm still working on the hypothesis of good hair = windy/rainy day. So far that is true 76% of the time. 

I also didn't need my trench jacket until last night since it hovered around the 80's yesterday, but I felt like it took the bad-ass/private investigator level up a notch, so I threw it on.  The sweaty arms were worth it, trust me.

Hot, Hot Pink


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Yesterday's outfit was black and white, today I had to counter it with my hot pink mom tunic. Mom tunic? Yeah, that's right. It's from Casual Corner and I'm pretty sure my mom wore a version of this top in the 90s with some pretty awesome floral capris on a regular basis. But did she pose in front of a wall of bushes and have my dad snap photos?

Maybe he did. I'll never tell.

Also,  please note that I am wearing shoes. Don't mind the fact that my skin tone delicately fades into my grey heels. Thank goodness for spring, I'll have feet again in no time. 

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To win a $40 gift certificate to Ruche, all you have to do is:

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Skirting the Issue

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I just wrote a whole post about how I washed this dry clean only shirt and it turned out okay. The post was about 2 paragraphs long and there might have been a point where I name dropped a specific laundry detergent. But when I went back to read it, I fell asleep. So I'm sparing you from that story. Although if you'd like to hear my riveting laundry tale, you're lonely or you have a few minutes to spare, email me. We could be friends.

I've had the hardest time trying to figure out how to wear this skirt. Don't get me wrong -- it's a peach of skirt. And from what I can tell from the trusty internet, pleats are where it's at this spring. However, when I tried to pair anything with it, I just ended up looking like a creepy, old substitute teacher. Oh, you know the type. I almost gave in to a beaded necklace that also holds my glasses around my neck, when I discovered this top pairs wonderfully with the skirt.

I don't know -- I might still give in to that beaded necklace.

Something Blue


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It's been hella windy lately. Which on one hand is nice because we don't have to haul our wind machine for our photo shoots. But on the other hand, it's ruins any hope of having a good hair day. But then again, that wind machine is heavy. It's a tough call.

I wore this dress out this weekend. See I have this devious plan. Sometimes if I get dressed up slightly fancy, I can lure my husband to a happy hour. I'm not sure if it's cheap drinks or the dress, but it works every time.

Best shot of the day. This says to me "I am a diva, I don't deal with wind." I also look like this when hailing a cab or when I'm around explosives.


Texas Style Council Conference

The Texas Style Council Conference It was like adult summer camp packed into three days. I didn't want to leave all of my new friends, I slept in a tent, and I only showered once. See? Just like adult summer camp. I can not wait to go back. 

We didn't snap too many photos throughout the weekend, as we just...kind of forgot. But here are a few that we did take. 
And then for some reason, I was handed a mic and put on a panel about community in blogging. This is the face I make when I'm nervous.
(Look at my expertise, it's just oozing from me, isn't it?) 

And then I won the Texas Social Media Award. Cue the dramatic lights and proud dad. 

And now for something completely different. Me being an idiot in front of a camera. Okay so not totally different.

me and b
The end. 

{Photobooth photos by nathan russell, Blue Dress above courtesy of 81 Poppies)