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Short Cuts

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Say goodbye to the tresses, my friends. I've got an appointment at lunch to get a haircut. I haven't decide which Olivia I'm going with yet (1 or 2). We'll see if I'm brave enough to go with the short cut. I had to explain to Bryan the other day why I had so many photos of girls saved to my computer. "I just really like their hair, ok?" He didn't say anything. Just slowly backed away. I guess 30 photos of the Olsen twins and Olivia Palermo is overload...but is it? I've never shown him my collection of Kate Middleton outfit photos. That would really scare him. 

Gingham always makes me feel a little bit country. I also realized my skirt is John Deere green.  Farmer chic it is. 

Lessons in Moving

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Over the weekend I've learned two things: don't move in 110 heat and always label the box with your shoes in it with the largest label you have. My outfits may be a little weird this week as most of my shoes ended up in a storage unit buried under a couch and a mattress. I've never realized how much I love shoes until I threatened everyone in the room at knife point to help me dig them out. Even with threats, no one has offered their assistance. Yet. I might have to get a bigger knife. 

One of the better parts of moving is the unpacking…no, we all know that's not true. That is an optimistic lie. I hate unpacking but it was fun to see all of my clothes on hangers again and to put new things with old things and remix some pieces I hadn't worn in a while. You know what else is fun? Not moving again for a very long time. We are talking months, here people. Months.

Moving Day!

And I'm off! The U-Haul truck is loaded and all of our belongings are in-tow. Since no one (and I do mean no one) wants to see me in moving day attire, I'll spare you guys a post until Monday. Till then, look cute for me won't you? 

{Image via Ruche's lookbook}

Goodbye Parties

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This is our last week in our little town. As much as I've complained, I'm going to miss this place. We've already said goodbye to our favorite restaurants in town, with final meals at each and every one. It's hard to let someone else do the cooking for you, but for memories sake I did it. 

 We have a few goodbye parties to attend and then will head out of town. It's kind of hard to know what to wear to a goodbye lunch. Do I go 'bright and cheery' for the future or 'sad and gloomy' for the past? 

As you can tell, I went with sad and gloomy. Sparkles just didn't seem appropriate for a goodbye lunch.

There's no right way to be wrong

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I am wearing my shirt backwards, but it is on purpose. No it wasn't dark when I got dressed this morning (see matching shoes), I just wanted this top to feel more like a tunic. So I turned it around for a higher neckline and boom, it's a carefree tunic. Of course it parts in the middle and I'm not one to show off my rock hard abs this early in the day, so I reached for one of those pencil skirts that was made for people who didn't have waists in the 80s and therefore have to wear it so far up that it could function as a bra. I can't breath, but I'm also covering my goods. Modesty is so give and take sometimes.

I've packed up most of my accessories, as you can tell. And by "most" I mean the ones I was wearing at the time or the ones I've yet to find hidden in my house are still unpacked. I've also packed up most of my clothes. This should make for an interesting week of outfits. 

(How I wore the top the right way is here.)

Pack and Play

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I wore this the other day while going out to lunch with friends. (Note to self: when you tell people you are moving, everyone wants to buy your lunch or dinner. Lesson learned? Always tell people you are moving.) Something else I've learned during this move? I don't like to wash my hair while packing so this is the 'do that happens almost every day. Except by day 5, it starts to look less intentional and more like I've been ill for days and physically haven't been able to shower. (Today is day 4, so I've got a good 24 hours before people start asking if I'm okay.)

Also, just so that you guys can keep me accountable here is what I've packed so far. (We move in a week.)
- 1 of 2 bathrooms
- 1/2 of our living room

Pretty good for packing over a two week period right? I know, we're going to be so prepared next week. 

Maxi Dresses, Tapas, and Prom

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I know what you are thinking. 'Well, this is dressy for a Wednesday.' But really I wore this out last night to a goodbye dinner with two of our favorite friends. We'd never been to the restaurant before but the name was obscure and modern so I made the call that it was a classy place and I needed to dress up. (I was right -- tapas + wine. FANCY.) And of course when I think 'nice restaurant attire' that equals a maxi dress and heels. That's about as fancy as I get around here, people. However, as I was packing the other night I did find my old prom dresses. And apparently going to prom in my high school was like going to the Oscars. I'm not quite sure why I've held on to them though. Guess I'm still waiting to be invited to the senior prom after all these years.

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Thank you for all of the 'yay you're moving' love. I saw a few people raise their hands to come help pack, but not that many. Don't make me bring my junk over to your house and force you to pack for me. I will do it. Let's see those hands in the in air.

I'm pretty sure packing my clothes is the last thing I will be doing. (Correction: Packing everything in our house will be the last thing I will be doing.) I've tried to pack my clothes twice and I just end up finding new outfits and trying them on. Like this outfit. Had it not been for me not packing, I would have never put this outfit on. You can thank my procrastination skills later. 

Little Boxes

Well my friends, I have news. We are moving!! In about two weeks we'll pack up and move out of our sweet little town to the DFW area (McKinney to be exact)!

As you can see by my use of exclamation points I'm over the moon. (More details soon, I promise!) Till then, anyone want to come over and pack? I'm good company, I won't make you lift the heavy stuff and if that doesn't lure you, we have packing tape and wine. 

(re)mixed and matched

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This is the little shirt that could. It's probably one of my favorite shirts I own. Which basically means if there was a fire, I'd grab my husband, dog... and then this top. Family first, then clothes. Unless they all got out before me, then clothes first. Also, how did they get out before me? That seems so wrong. 

I just want you guys to know that I'm writing this at 6 am. Not my best time, possibly my weirdest time now that I think about it. I just couldn't sleep so I thought I'd write a post. And I'm in that weird state of awake but still kind of asleep. You know when you are dreaming in a delirious/half awake state and you come up with what you think at the time is the best ideas ever? You tell yourself to remember that for when you really wake up. And then when you think back on them you are like "what? why would I want a refrigerator in my car?!" I'm pretty sure this is how I'll look back on this post. 

Back to the shirt. Polka dots are remixing gold. Don't believe me? Nine outfits for your remixing pleasure.


Fancy Free

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I'm on this floral skirt kick for some reason. (Two outfits = obsession?) I just feel so darn fancy in them. In fact a nice man told me that I should be a model because I dress so nice all the time. I checked into it and unfortunately that's not the only requirement of being a model. Also, all of the modeling jobs in my area are listed on Craigslist. Creepy. Still a compliment in my book....that I keep compliments in. Who's creepy now? 

(And by fancy, I mean this kind of fancy.)

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Wishful Thrifting

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Pardon my accessory-less outfit, my friends. I was running late to meet a friend for lunch and forgot to grab my jewelry, a belt, a watch, sunglasses, another purse to put inside of my purse, a hat, some gloves, another pair of sunglasses, lipstick, a flashlight, a travel-sized hand sanitizer, and a small dog to take with me everywhere. Tomorrow I'll be accessory loaded, promise.

I would like to welcome my newly thrifted green pencil skirt to the blog. A few weeks ago, Linda and I both spotted a girl trying on a green pencil skirt at our friend's vintage shop. We turned to each other and simultaneously said "Must. find. green. pencil. skirt. now." I don't make promises out of incomplete sentences that I can't keep, so I rushed out to my favorite thrift store and a little green pencil skirt was waiting for me. I think that I'm going to start wishing for things like 'brand new car' and trying to see if I can thrift that. I'll let you know how that goes. 

Weekend Report

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How was everyone's weekend? (It's Monday, right? I didn't accidentally sleep through until Tuesday by any chance, did I? Because I would be fine with that.)  How was my weekend? I'm so glad you asked. 
We shot a pretty little wedding, ate dinner with my internet lover/graphic design superstar Kathleen and ended up cleaning out some closets and drawers at our house. Spring cleaning in August, you say? Last year we didn't start until November, so we are ahead of schedule this time around. While cleaning closets out, I had a hoarder moment when B forced me to give up an old heating pad and space heater. I cried, you guys. (All you Judge Judy's can keep your thoughts to yourself, I have poor circulation in the winter, ok?)

 And now for the real reason you are here: my outfit. Bright, exciting, crazy. Exactly what my 1st grade report card said about me as a student, along with 'she really likes lunch.'