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Weekend Report

{Shop: Dress, Heels, Tote, Necklace, Watch (c/o Fossil)}

How was everyone's weekend? (It's Monday, right? I didn't accidentally sleep through until Tuesday by any chance, did I? Because I would be fine with that.)  How was my weekend? I'm so glad you asked. 
We shot a pretty little wedding, ate dinner with my internet lover/graphic design superstar Kathleen and ended up cleaning out some closets and drawers at our house. Spring cleaning in August, you say? Last year we didn't start until November, so we are ahead of schedule this time around. While cleaning closets out, I had a hoarder moment when B forced me to give up an old heating pad and space heater. I cried, you guys. (All you Judge Judy's can keep your thoughts to yourself, I have poor circulation in the winter, ok?)

 And now for the real reason you are here: my outfit. Bright, exciting, crazy. Exactly what my 1st grade report card said about me as a student, along with 'she really likes lunch.'