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Lessons in Moving

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Over the weekend I've learned two things: don't move in 110 heat and always label the box with your shoes in it with the largest label you have. My outfits may be a little weird this week as most of my shoes ended up in a storage unit buried under a couch and a mattress. I've never realized how much I love shoes until I threatened everyone in the room at knife point to help me dig them out. Even with threats, no one has offered their assistance. Yet. I might have to get a bigger knife. 

One of the better parts of moving is the unpacking…no, we all know that's not true. That is an optimistic lie. I hate unpacking but it was fun to see all of my clothes on hangers again and to put new things with old things and remix some pieces I hadn't worn in a while. You know what else is fun? Not moving again for a very long time. We are talking months, here people. Months.