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Maxi Dresses, Tapas, and Prom

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I know what you are thinking. 'Well, this is dressy for a Wednesday.' But really I wore this out last night to a goodbye dinner with two of our favorite friends. We'd never been to the restaurant before but the name was obscure and modern so I made the call that it was a classy place and I needed to dress up. (I was right -- tapas + wine. FANCY.) And of course when I think 'nice restaurant attire' that equals a maxi dress and heels. That's about as fancy as I get around here, people. However, as I was packing the other night I did find my old prom dresses. And apparently going to prom in my high school was like going to the Oscars. I'm not quite sure why I've held on to them though. Guess I'm still waiting to be invited to the senior prom after all these years.