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Pack and Play

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I wore this the other day while going out to lunch with friends. (Note to self: when you tell people you are moving, everyone wants to buy your lunch or dinner. Lesson learned? Always tell people you are moving.) Something else I've learned during this move? I don't like to wash my hair while packing so this is the 'do that happens almost every day. Except by day 5, it starts to look less intentional and more like I've been ill for days and physically haven't been able to shower. (Today is day 4, so I've got a good 24 hours before people start asking if I'm okay.)

Also, just so that you guys can keep me accountable here is what I've packed so far. (We move in a week.)
- 1 of 2 bathrooms
- 1/2 of our living room

Pretty good for packing over a two week period right? I know, we're going to be so prepared next week.