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(re)mixed and matched

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This is the little shirt that could. It's probably one of my favorite shirts I own. Which basically means if there was a fire, I'd grab my husband, dog... and then this top. Family first, then clothes. Unless they all got out before me, then clothes first. Also, how did they get out before me? That seems so wrong. 

I just want you guys to know that I'm writing this at 6 am. Not my best time, possibly my weirdest time now that I think about it. I just couldn't sleep so I thought I'd write a post. And I'm in that weird state of awake but still kind of asleep. You know when you are dreaming in a delirious/half awake state and you come up with what you think at the time is the best ideas ever? You tell yourself to remember that for when you really wake up. And then when you think back on them you are like "what? why would I want a refrigerator in my car?!" I'm pretty sure this is how I'll look back on this post. 

Back to the shirt. Polka dots are remixing gold. Don't believe me? Nine outfits for your remixing pleasure.