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Sister, Sister

My sister is 4 years older than me. Which if you know how old I am and given that you are fairly good at math, I've just outted her age. A cruel thing to do to someone who bought you a very cute skirt last weekend. As her little sister I've got an uncanny ability to let her buy me clothes. It's my super power, letting others buy me things. Plus she is a very giving person. These are the reasons that we do not shop much together, as she would buy me lots of things and I would let her. Receiving free clothing is my weakness, my kryptonite.

Isn't the fabric of this skirt pretty? I love the hints of metallic thread. The best part is that it only cost (my sister) $15. It cost me nothing of course. Not that I'm rubbing that in, though. Because I'm sure that you have a loving sister too that buys you pretty skirts. And if you don't, I will share my sister.

But if you expect free clothes, she's going to need a raise.

Picks to Remix: Date Night

Since I'm all about the remixing, I thought that I'd start a new feature called Picks to Remix where -- you guessed it -- I pick out items that would fit perfectly into a remixed wardrobe. This Picks to Remix features Shop Mamie. Since the Mamie Girls are all about items under $100, I thought that I'd keep my remix picks under $100 as well. In fact, with 13 more imaginary dollars to spend, I might need to go take a second look.

In my remix, I picked:
Dakota Dotted Sweater Dress, because I have shoes that match exactly to this dress.
Chic High Waist Belt, because no remix is complete without a good belt.
Gold Beaded Cuff, because after all the accessories can make or break an outfit.

What would your remix include?

Guest Post at JenLovesKev


Hello friends! Check out my guest post over at JenLovesKev. I was so excited when Jen asked me to do an outfit post inspired by a work of art, while she is on maternity leave with her precious little newborn, Rowan.

(I bet Edward Hopper never thought that he'd show up in a fashion blog, but lo-and-behold, he did. Go see which work of art inspired my outfit today.)


(Shop: top, skirt, necklace)

Jeanna brought up a good point from yesterday's post via comment. She asked is co-worker approval actually a good thing? If I worked at Lucky Magazine (hi! hire me!), yes. If I work where I work now, meh. I mean look, as I've said plenty of times before I could literally get away with anything at work. Halloween costume, jeans, heck I could wear a Snuggie and people would look at me about the same as they did today. It's actually kind of a nice relief, to not worry about what other people are going to think. Plus I think the array of colored tights from last winter broke them down. Literally -- those yellow tights could bring co-workers to their knees.

I bought this shirt on Saturday with my beloved sister and mother in tow. I was standing in line with something completely different when I spotted this shirt from across the way. I dropped what I had, said "hold my place" bolted over, grabbed my size and bought it on the spot. They of course laughed at me saying they've never seen any thing like that before. I call it instinct shopping. My mother called it "frantic."

This is Not a Test

Okay so after looking at my pictures I wish that I would have worn my clogs with this outfit. But hey -- that's why I style blog. To see if what the mirror tells me really works as an outfit. I like this but I think my clogs would have been even better. Of course I couldn't find them this morning. Why? Because they were in my car, along with jumper cables, three magazines, my coffee mug and a blanket. I'm starting to suspect that someone lives in my car. I'm not sure who it is, but they have great taste in shoes.

I tweeted this morning about my red pants, snarkily saying "let the co-worker comments begin." And wouldn't you know it -- not a single comment. I walked around to every person's office and made sure that I walked away slowly, backwards. I was sure that these pants would be perfect for a Monday morning backhanded compliment but all I got was a few smiles. So that only means one thing. This outfit is....



Red pants road test complete.

Jess LC Diversey Collection

As luck would have it, I'm sitting in an airport by myself. As luck would have it, my flight is delayed. As luck would have it, I've been meaning to post about working on the Jess LC Look book. As luck would have it, I have wi-fi. Aren't I lucky?


Jess Constable (owner/genius behind Jess LC and Makeunder My Life) emailed me a few months ago wondering if I'd be willing to model for her look book for her fall collection called Diversey. The most emphatic yes! came out of my mouth and then a squeal. And then she asked if Bryan (Mr. Everyday) would shoot it. He too squealed. You can imagine how excited we were. So excited that we went to Subway for lunch to celebrate. (true story)

First things first -- we love Chicago. I hope you paused dramatically between each word because it's true, we have a fascination with that city. So Jess being in Chicago invited us up a few weekends ago to shoot the look book. It was like a dream being there. And then we met Jess. From the first 30 seconds of meeting her, it was like I'd known her for years. I know this is hard to believe but I'm moderately shy in person, but Jess made us feel immediately at home.

We got to meet Susie, Jess's right hand woman, and Megan, a talented young stylist and from there we toted all around Lincoln Park shooting the look book. It was a magical, magical day. So now I'm going to hush up and show you a few of my favorite shots of the day.

Jess LC Diversey Collection
Jess LC Diversey Collection
Jess LC Diversey Collection
Jess LC Diversey Collection

Thank you Jess for inviting us, being our tour guide, letting us sleep in your bed and of course for making beautiful jewelry. It was a weekend I hope to never forget.

Find the Diversey Collection here. (Warning -- you will love every piece)

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free love


I feel very hippie chic today. Tunics always do that for me, very flowy and bohemian which isn't really my style at all. I'm normally drawn to polished and belted but lately I've been drawn to billowy tops and the Olsen twins.

This outfit is definitely a risk for me. Like I said -- polished is my style, but I like the structure of this tunic. It still feels polished, belted but a bit more free. I think it's good though, taking risks in style, life, or just in general. I was talking to my dad today about taking risks and he gave some advice: "Most people think of risk like gambling, but it's not that at all. Because the greater risk you take, the more return you will see." I don't know if my return on this tunic will be as great as I paid for it, but it felt nice to step out of the ordinary today. Keep them guessing, that's what I always say.

Thank you all for the sweet comments on the Design Your Life post I wrote. I normally deliver quick and sarcastic, but if you guys want serious, I can get serious. Kendi Everyday is raw, you guys, raw.

(Oh and before I forget -- head on over to Talbot's blog to vote for your favorite story. This is part two of the Talbot's giveaway that I hosted on my blog. May the best story win!)

Design Your Life


Jess from Makeunder My Life asked me to write for her Design Your Life feature this week. As I looked around my house, I thought "my life isn't designed" but then I quickly shoved everything back into my closet (skeletons included) and under my bed and then said of course. If you want to read about how I've been trying to design my life with intentions, find the post here.

If you don't, go here.

That 70's Shirt

So this was my one purchase from the Tucker for Target line. I wanted so much more but I'm on a bit of a shopping break (just a break you guys, not a full on separation. we will work things out.) This shirt was a) my favorite and b) the cheapest -- which never happens. I have a keen ability to hone in on the most expensive item in the room and fall madly in love with it. $24.99? Yes please.

This is going to sound weird but I wish my pants were higher. I imagined my pants coming up a lot higher on my waist than they actually do. I was really going for a 70's vibe, which I think my sweater vest that I pulled out of a box in the garage really helps. Do you ever do that? Imagine that your outfit looks like something that it's not? (Not desperately pulling clothes out of boxes from your garage) This happens most of the time. I blame getting dressed in the dark every morning and/or a lack of planning. Or maybe I just have a really good imagination. Yes, let's go with that.

(By the way, I think Mary Tyler Moore would really like my outfit. Rhoda would hate it.)

On the Prowl

I had no idea what to wear this morning. If you could see my closet right now, you, my mother and the producers of Hoarders would be disappointed in me. I even took a picture of it to show you guys, but my pride stopped me. That's how messy my closet is right now, my pride is even disappointed in me.

So per my usual Monday morning fuzziness, I wandered into my closet pulled out this skirt because it was the only thing still hanging and thought, "hey you look like someone I know." Then this image popped into my brain.

{photo cred}

I grabbed my blazer, a white tank and heels. How easy is that? That might have been the easiest part of my day, but I forgive you Monday. I'd be cranky if I were you too.

The Letter B

I met my husband while we were at school. He was not who I was looking for. I was looking for a tall, dark and handsome guy who wanted to go to law school alongside me. Or rather, I wasn't looking for anyone at all.

My hair was short, his hair was long. I was polished, he was a hippie. He was all sorts of wrong, I tell you but he had the cutest smile. I couldn't get him out of my head. So we dated and fell in love. And then I graduated, got a job in the city and waited for him to propose.

And waited.

And waited.

Every time we went to dinner, I thought that he was going to pop the question. He'd reach for his wallet and I'd prepare myself for him to pull out a ring. Until one day he did, in my apartment parking lot, where I least expected it.

We said our vows three short months later in front of our family and friends. We laughed, we cried, we said I do. Now three short years later, I wake up every morning and still say I do to the boy with the cutest smile.

A few people have asked about my necklace, as I wear it often. I wore it straight for our first year of marriage, never taking it off. We bought it on our honeymoon, during a time that we didn't have much money. Originally the "B" was for my husband's name and now almost three years since we bought that necklace, it has come to have a different meaning. I look at that initial as how I now look at our life we've built together. We used to move separately, waiting on the other one to catch up. But now we move together. What once meant one, now means both.

Sponsor Spotlight: Poetrie


There are two things that I love deeply: Seattle and shopping. Specifically shopping while in Seattle. Since I can do neither while sitting on my couch in Texas dressed in my pajama's, there is Poetrie is a Seattle-based online boutique specializing in romantic clothing from independent designers. Cute, clever clothing from one of my favorite places in the world. Find the shop here.

Home Again

Truth: I actually wore this yesterday, and what I posted yesterday I wore the day before. Today I went naked, but with a blazer of course. No matter what I'm office appropriate, always.

Wow. I've got to stop with the maudlin posts. You guys are going to start sending me flowers and singing telegrams to cheer me up. Wait a minute -- that sounds kind of nice. Could you maybe throw in a back massage too? I'm feeling down again..

So let me show you around our house. This is my couch. That is my dining room. And that blank wall over there used to have a fine collection of plates before they fell off the wall to their untimely demise. After putting 500 holes in the wall to hang 500 things, we later found out that our walls might have been made out of paper. That's just a guess, I've yet to throw water on the walls to see if they melt.

But we love it, paper walls and all. Home sweet rental.