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This is Not a Test

Okay so after looking at my pictures I wish that I would have worn my clogs with this outfit. But hey -- that's why I style blog. To see if what the mirror tells me really works as an outfit. I like this but I think my clogs would have been even better. Of course I couldn't find them this morning. Why? Because they were in my car, along with jumper cables, three magazines, my coffee mug and a blanket. I'm starting to suspect that someone lives in my car. I'm not sure who it is, but they have great taste in shoes.

I tweeted this morning about my red pants, snarkily saying "let the co-worker comments begin." And wouldn't you know it -- not a single comment. I walked around to every person's office and made sure that I walked away slowly, backwards. I was sure that these pants would be perfect for a Monday morning backhanded compliment but all I got was a few smiles. So that only means one thing. This outfit is....



Red pants road test complete.