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Sister, Sister

My sister is 4 years older than me. Which if you know how old I am and given that you are fairly good at math, I've just outted her age. A cruel thing to do to someone who bought you a very cute skirt last weekend. As her little sister I've got an uncanny ability to let her buy me clothes. It's my super power, letting others buy me things. Plus she is a very giving person. These are the reasons that we do not shop much together, as she would buy me lots of things and I would let her. Receiving free clothing is my weakness, my kryptonite.

Isn't the fabric of this skirt pretty? I love the hints of metallic thread. The best part is that it only cost (my sister) $15. It cost me nothing of course. Not that I'm rubbing that in, though. Because I'm sure that you have a loving sister too that buys you pretty skirts. And if you don't, I will share my sister.

But if you expect free clothes, she's going to need a raise.