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That Girl

(ps -- my necklace is thrifted and my bangles are from charming charlies)

I am that girl. (no, not that one, the other that girl.) I'm the girl that digs up her boots the first day it hits below 70 degrees outside and throws them on. Of course, when I throw my boots at my feet I almost always miss. I've never been good with eye-hand coordination. Nor with eye-foot.

It's true. Stretching was my best sport, which was unfortunate because that was only about 1/35th of gym class.

Man, I am such a sucker for "2 for 1" deals or rather "buy 2 and get $4 off" deals. That's the deal that I got roped into at Gap the other day with these t-shirts. It's not like the sales person was twisting my arm to buy two t-shirts, truth is the sales person could care less and I had a stack of 5 or 6. Also, had the sales person twisted my arm I could have probably got those t-shirts for free. Anyways, there I was hiding under a stack of kind of cheap shirts and my husband gives me the look of debt and I put all but two down. As I always say "There's always room in your closet for 1 more nice versatile tee shirt." And as my husband always says " No there's not."

I've been thinking about buying some OTK (dad definition: over the knee) boots but after seeing these pictures maybe those BTK (below the knee) boots are ok. Or maybe I'll get some NKOTB (new kids on the block) boots. Sigh, if only they were still for sale. Double sigh, if only they were still together.