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(Shop: top, skirt, necklace)

Jeanna brought up a good point from yesterday's post via comment. She asked is co-worker approval actually a good thing? If I worked at Lucky Magazine (hi! hire me!), yes. If I work where I work now, meh. I mean look, as I've said plenty of times before I could literally get away with anything at work. Halloween costume, jeans, heck I could wear a Snuggie and people would look at me about the same as they did today. It's actually kind of a nice relief, to not worry about what other people are going to think. Plus I think the array of colored tights from last winter broke them down. Literally -- those yellow tights could bring co-workers to their knees.

I bought this shirt on Saturday with my beloved sister and mother in tow. I was standing in line with something completely different when I spotted this shirt from across the way. I dropped what I had, said "hold my place" bolted over, grabbed my size and bought it on the spot. They of course laughed at me saying they've never seen any thing like that before. I call it instinct shopping. My mother called it "frantic."