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Picks to Remix: Date Night

Since I'm all about the remixing, I thought that I'd start a new feature called Picks to Remix where -- you guessed it -- I pick out items that would fit perfectly into a remixed wardrobe. This Picks to Remix features Shop Mamie. Since the Mamie Girls are all about items under $100, I thought that I'd keep my remix picks under $100 as well. In fact, with 13 more imaginary dollars to spend, I might need to go take a second look.

In my remix, I picked:
Dakota Dotted Sweater Dress, because I have shoes that match exactly to this dress.
Chic High Waist Belt, because no remix is complete without a good belt.
Gold Beaded Cuff, because after all the accessories can make or break an outfit.

What would your remix include?