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That 70's Shirt

So this was my one purchase from the Tucker for Target line. I wanted so much more but I'm on a bit of a shopping break (just a break you guys, not a full on separation. we will work things out.) This shirt was a) my favorite and b) the cheapest -- which never happens. I have a keen ability to hone in on the most expensive item in the room and fall madly in love with it. $24.99? Yes please.

This is going to sound weird but I wish my pants were higher. I imagined my pants coming up a lot higher on my waist than they actually do. I was really going for a 70's vibe, which I think my sweater vest that I pulled out of a box in the garage really helps. Do you ever do that? Imagine that your outfit looks like something that it's not? (Not desperately pulling clothes out of boxes from your garage) This happens most of the time. I blame getting dressed in the dark every morning and/or a lack of planning. Or maybe I just have a really good imagination. Yes, let's go with that.

(By the way, I think Mary Tyler Moore would really like my outfit. Rhoda would hate it.)