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Colonel Mustard and Professor Plum


Hello friends, new and old. If you are new, welcome. Make yourself at home. If you are old, oh hey -- what's up? Why didn't you bring the wine this time? No, it was your turn. I'm pretty sure it was. That's fine, but you owe me.

So I made my photos bigger. Possibly too big. I'm still feeling it out. What do you guys think? Too much Kendi in your face? Did you open up your window and gasp? Did I scare you?

Sorry about the fuzziness of the photos. We have been taken pictures so late at night (like 8, not midnight, I'm dramatic, ok?) that my husband has to push his ISO up really high. What is ISO, Kendi? I don't know. We have a deal -- I don't ask questions about his photography, and he doesn't ask questions like why doesn't your belt match your shoes?

Let's be honest here, I wanted to wear a t-shirt to work today. How do I get away with this was the first thought that went through my head this morning. I tried to sneak out in pajama pants but my husband said no. So I put on a loose pencil skirt, threw on a belt and here I am, in all of my t-shirt glory. Who knows? I might even sleep in my t-shirt, I'm just that crazy. Actually I'm just that tired.