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From Point A to Point Boy I'm Tired

Just between me and you, I am exhausted. I will blame no one but myself and the three small children that kicked the back of my chair all the way home from Chicago yesterday. (Karma sucks, kiddos.) But I had to take the day off from an outfit post. Don't worry, it wasn't that impressive anyways. It was a half ironed shirt (half ironed meaning I took my curling iron and rubbed it over the front) and a fully wrinkled skirt. Tomorrow though, tomorrow there will be ironing. There will be humor. There will be an outfit post. Till then, goodnight.

EDIT: Someone made a very good point. Karma is two-fold. So what did I do to deserve little legs pounding on my airplane seat? I'm not exactly sure, but it probably has to do with kicking an airplane seat as well. And not when I was 3 years old.

(I stole the napkin image from here)