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free love


I feel very hippie chic today. Tunics always do that for me, very flowy and bohemian which isn't really my style at all. I'm normally drawn to polished and belted but lately I've been drawn to billowy tops and the Olsen twins.

This outfit is definitely a risk for me. Like I said -- polished is my style, but I like the structure of this tunic. It still feels polished, belted but a bit more free. I think it's good though, taking risks in style, life, or just in general. I was talking to my dad today about taking risks and he gave some advice: "Most people think of risk like gambling, but it's not that at all. Because the greater risk you take, the more return you will see." I don't know if my return on this tunic will be as great as I paid for it, but it felt nice to step out of the ordinary today. Keep them guessing, that's what I always say.

Thank you all for the sweet comments on the Design Your Life post I wrote. I normally deliver quick and sarcastic, but if you guys want serious, I can get serious. Kendi Everyday is raw, you guys, raw.

(Oh and before I forget -- head on over to Talbot's blog to vote for your favorite story. This is part two of the Talbot's giveaway that I hosted on my blog. May the best story win!)