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So We Meet Again

My whole outfit cost like $2. Plus $28. But still -- that's cheap, right? Thanks to my mother, who hemmed the dress for free and to my husband who stole my -- I'm kidding. The only thing he stole was my heart. Wink, wink.

So if you are new here, I need to make you aware of two rules for Kendi Everyday readers. Rule 1: You have to be fluent in sarcasm. Rule 2: You have to like what I wear so much that you don't mind seeing me in it more than once. And by more than once I mean that I repeat many things. I wore this dress earlier in the summer and I plan on wearing it again. If this is a problem, then we must part ways. If you're cool with this, I'll see you in the fall. Well actually, tomorrow. See you tomorrow.