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Night & Day

(jeans & top ---> Gap; shoes ---> urban outfitters)

Today had the best of intentions, I know it did. It meant to be a good day. It just didn't get a good start. No breakfast or coffee, lunch plans gone awry, long day of phone calls and questions. All before 5 o'clock. To be honest, Today didn't stand a chance. Then to make matters worse a frozen pizza was on the menu for Tonight, which Tonight can usually handle but instead Today dropped half of it on the ground and Tonight burned the remainder. Somewhere in between that, Today and Tonight got in a fight, more or less about the frozen pizza that was lying half on the ground and half in the oven. So when it was time to take Today's outfit picture, Tonight was tired and forgot his camera. Thankfully, Tonight took Today's photos on his iphone. Night once again saved the Day.

(Outfit photos even on a bad day? There's an app for that.)