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Happy 90310 day, guys!! Gosh, didn't you love that show about the 30-something crew that lived in Inglewood, California and went to high school? Inglewood, 90310 -- one of the best shows that came out of the 90s.

It was rainy and in the 80s today. It's progress but it's still not fall. What a tease weather is. It looks like fall outside and yet it still feels like summer. You can imagine my tight's disappointment when I had to tell them today was not the day of their debut. I can still hear them whimpering. I did however feel it necessary to throw on my rain boots. Maybe it was wishful thinking for the fall, since let's be honest I wasn't even wearing socks.

We are on the road this weekend, shooting up weddings. Actually just one wedding and the shooting is with cameras not guns. We stopped shooting rifles at weddings last year, so if you were interested in our wedding gun shows we've stopped them for the time being. We needed gun licenses or something silly like that. But cameras -- you don't need a license to shoot a camera.