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Indian Summer

Here is Wikipedia's definition of Indian Summer: (because we all know wikipedia is 100% accurate)

Indian summer is an expression given to a period of sunny, warm weather in autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, typically in late October[citation needed] or early November, after the leaves have turned following an onset of frost but before the first snowfall.

My definition of Indian Summer:


Seriously though, it was in the 90s today. Last week it was in the 70s. WTF weather? (dad definition for WTF: Wednesday Thursday Friday) So today my outfit got a mix of fall and a mix of summer. Also a mix of new (hello H&M in Chicago, remember me?) and a mix of old (and by old I only mean since July). If I've said it once, I've said it a million times: I can not wait until fall arrives. Or until our neighbors stop their car from honking. It's very annoying. Do you hear that neighbors that probably pirate our internet? Stop with the honking, we get it. Your ride is here.

Back to fall, what fall trend is everyone excited for? The reason I ask is so that I can be hip and cool like you guys. I would be nothing without readers to copy. Thanks for the tips in advance.

P.S. {bracelets -------> Charming Charlie's}