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Ebb and Flow


One thing is for certain. I have a deep obsession with pairing these heels with this necklace. With every outfit I put on I have to put both of these items back, restraining myself from accessorizing the same every single day. I'll probably do this for about 5 more outfits and then move on completely. Do you ever do that with certain items? I'm crazy about something for 3 months straight and then don't wear it for another 6 months. This could also have to do with seasons and weather. But I'll let you decide.

I'm breaking my "tucking is good for you" rule today. What a little rebel. I just make these rules to break them. But honestly it's because my pants come up a bit too high to tuck this shirt in. And it just looked better this way. I like the flowiness [adj. when flow meets more flow and they get together and make a lot of flow. Also see: billowy] of this structured shirt. I think perhaps next time I'll pair it with skinny jeans, but I like this look. Plus it was super comfortable today. I didn't even feel like I was at work. Until my phone rang and the emails came flooding in and someone knocked on my door and woke me up. But other than that, I felt great today.

If you read the Modly Chic interview, yes it's all true. I really do get dressed in the dark every day. I don't however shower in the dark. That s**t is scary.

(Before I forget, I wanted to give a little warning if you are purchasing the red suede heels online. The ones that I have are the red suede heels, not to be confused with the equally cute canvas ones. However, the canvas ones are more of a light coral, not the orangey red you see on my blog)