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Oscar de la Thrifta

My husband told me that my outfit today was "unexpected." I whipped my pony tail around and said "What does that mean?" He then backtracked and said that if someone laid out a pair of Gap pants, or a J.Crew top and along with this shirt and asked "What would Kendi wear?" he'd never go for this shirt. All the while I thought he was judging me because I didn't wash this shirt before I wore it. He was just talking about the aesthetics of my outfit, not the stinky factor.

OK yes, so maybe I didn't wash this shirt before I wore it. Maybe it's straight off of the rack...from a thrift store. But maybe the nice lady dry cleaned it before she donated it. There's always a bright side, right? Here's the deal -- I thought that we had taken it to the dry cleaners but we hadn't and I accidentally wore it. Does that make me a gross person? (Don't answer that.) But you guys, it's a vintage Oscar de la Renta top. Doesn't that make up for the fact that I'm freaking nasty and possibly unsanitary?

I'm going to go take a shower now with my shirt on. Just in case.

{Feather Necklace courtesy of Dolly & Boy}