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Twenty Nine


Today I felt like an adult. I know what you are thinking, "lame story, Kendi." What's next are you going to finally make your bed and hang up your clothes, as well? Start paying your bills on time? Stop leaving the pizza box out at night and eating the cold pizza in the morning for breakfast? No, no guys, I wouldn't go to that extreme. But I did handle a conflict at work today. Now I didn't say that I handled it well, but I didn't cry and therefore I felt more like an adult than I ever have. If there is a conflict and I am at fault, believe me there will be tears. And I wear liquid eyeliner, so there is no turning back once they start to fall. I've learned that people start to freak when they see those black tears, which is mainly why I wear liquid eyeliner. I like the added dramatic effect it brings to those overly emotional situations. Especially in group therapy sessions. But today I did not cry, and for that I'm proud.

So proud that I did the most adult thing I could think of. I bought a house on a credit card that I just applied for online on my lunch break. We move in on Saturday.

Props to my husband who let me borrow his belt for today. Little does he know that I've commandeered it for forever.

(Guys -- I'm totally kidding on the house and applying for a credit card on my lunch break. But i'm not kidding about that belt, it's mine forever.)