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liar liar

Joann of Sidewalk Chalk wrote an enlightening comment yesterday. She said "I'm really starting to believe that there are no real fashion rules anymore." Well, Joann -- I couldn't agree more. Mainly because I got this new belt which is black and I want to wear it all the time. And if fashion rules that I can't mix navy with black, then I'll just be an outlaw. Yesterday it was black and brown (which we all agreed was ok, right?) and today black and navy. I just can't help myself -- I. love. trouble.

OK and we can all go ahead and just call me a liar. A while back on Formspring, someone asked me what trend doesn't work for me. And I said maxi dresses. And then I went off on how I can't wear them because blah, blah, blah. Well lookey here... who is in a maxi dress now? Should I feel ashamed? Because I don't. I just feel really, really comfortable in all of this soft fabric.

Did you check out that crazy weather behind me? I'm pleased to report that this did not turn into a 'night of the twisters' scenario. Only some light rain, just enough to make mud for the dogs to track in. This was the first time that the sky decided to coordinate with my outfit. I like where this is going Mother Nature, very much so. Let's see what you can do with my plaid shirt tomorrow.